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Its only been about 5 days since our trip ended and its all my husband and I can talk about with each other! It was a trip of a life time for us and what made it so magical was not just being together and enjoying and playing and doing what we love but the people we met and the magical surroundings that made for one surreal back drop! Ah gosh, its killing me even writing about it!

We are actually super lucky because our trip could have gone a bit hay wire if it wasn’t for The Perfect Wave. There was some sort of situation and the ferries shut down for the week we were suppose to go… (just unforeseen things) but instead of loosing money and time not knowing about these types of things the people at The Perfect Wave foresaw it and made other arrangements seamlessly.

I have received quite a few emails in regards to the details of the trip so IF you are looking to book a trip for you , a group, you and your mate, I definitely recommend getting in contact with The Perfect Wave. Click here to link up.

Perfect Wave is partnered with surf camps and charter boats all over the world. They help you plan and book all the details of your trip at no cost what so ever. It made planning our trip simple and rest assured. Its tricky to know where to go and where to get hotels on lay overs etc or even know whats the best way to get the most out of your trip ! The Perfect Wave exceeded all our expectations and made our trip greater than we could have imagined.

After considering many different options we decided on the Mentawais which are secluded little islands in Indonesia known for the endless surf breaks in crystal clear warm waters that seem to be firing everywhere… all the time! If its not good at one spot… you just take the boat somewhere else close by and your bound to get good surf! We got waves every single day we were there! My husband is way better at surfing than me but each place we went was awesome for both of us! Aloita Resort and Spa ended up being the perfect match.

  Ưu đãi cho Seahorse Resort & Spa (Resort), Mũi Né (Việt Nam)

Here is the typical daily schedule:

Breakfast: 7 a.m. (buffet style, accommodating upon request)

1st surf session: 7:30 a.m. – Noon (boat leaves around 8:15 once everyone is loaded up)

Lunch: Noon (buffet style. Down time after lunch for about an hour or two)

2nd surf session: 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. (boat leaves anytime after 2 depending on what the group decides)

Dinner: 8 p.m. (buffet style)

We ended up spending pretty much our whole trip out at the breaks surfing every session, it was just too addicting not to!

There was one couple there, a few solo people, a little family, and one group of guys that stayed at the resort at the same time. The couple that was there, the husband surfed and the wife loved to snorkel and chill on the beach! She came on the boat sometimes and would snorkel and body board. A few times he would go surf and she would do her thing and they would meet up at lunch and then go paddle board and do whatever ! Same with the little family, the dad and son surfed while the mom and daughter snorkeled and what not at the resort. There is so much to do for anyone both surfer and non-surfer alike.

We snorkeled, paddle board, swam, surfed, and just spent every day in the water! There is also yoga, a spa area, and an area for lounging, pool, ping pong and that sort of thing. The resort we stayed at was called Aloita and it was super nice! Private bungalow with air conditioning, indoor and outdoor showers, clean, quite, private and served amazing food communal style which actually made its really cool and laid back. It was perfect! There are different levels of luxury you can book, options are endless, all around the world, but this was perfect for us. There is something amazing about being together away from all life distractions. It makes you present, its quite therapeutic and rewarding in that sense.

  Vạn Thịnh Phát tuyển dụng nhân viên

Ah man, it was so good!!! We just want to go back! Everyone needs to do a trip like this at some point! It was crazy to hear that many of the people there have gone on trips like this multiple times! I think thats rad! I’d like to follow that trend… haha. Girls trip?? Family trip??.. Another couples trip.. yes please ! 🙂

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! The idea of tavelling makes me quite excited! Gosh maybe we should do a surf, health, all around fun adventure trip all together!?? Lets do it!! The Perfect Wave will hook you up with all the info you need!

A little extra info!

SURF GUIDE: Our surf guide Flavio Salgado took care of us for the two weeks we were there and every single day he showed us all a good time, got us waves every day, was organized, professional, had alternative activities available for anyone interested. He taught me personally more about surfing than I have learned in a lifetime. He was consistently encouraging, positive, knowledgable and every where we went the locals knew and respected him which made all surf spots inviting and friendly.Flavio spent every surf session in the water with us, he made sure we were all happy even though there was beginners to experts in the water … he is a LEGEND!!

PHOTOGRAPHER: The photographer for all guests , Grant Davis, is EXTREMELY talented, super organized and professional. He shot every session including video, drone footage, lifestyle, water and shared everyones footage at dinner each night. We will cherish our memories with his captures! Its kind of ridiculous how good he is. His prices are super fair and he is just the coolest, chilled guy to have around every day!

YOGA: There was one yoga instructor. Her name is Hatsumi! She is awesome, surfed with us most days too. She is super knowledgable of yoga and she is there to stretch you out at anytime of the day! She is incredibly talented and conducts a beautiful class. Annnnd the yoga area is a palm covered wooden deck that overlooks the ocean. We did a few yoga sessions at 6 a.m. and to see the sunrise burst over the neighboring island and light the glassy ocean with every color you can imagine was priceless.. to say least its amazing!

  Ưu đãi cho mekong riverside homestay (Nhà nghỉ nông thôn), Vĩnh Long (Việt Nam)

STAFF: All the staff were incredibly friendly, professional, and just really cool people who we grew to become friends with very quickly.

RESORT: The Aloita Resort is very beautiful, down to earth, clean, comfortable, had great food, health options at every meal, had a common area to enjoy pool, ping pong, music and enjoy each others company as well as secluded beaches where you could find your own private paradise.

ACTIVITIES: We surfed every day, usually one session in the morning, and then a few hours after lunch. There is a boat to take you to the best spots for that days weather and swell. When the waves or weather wasn’t favorable there was many other things we did like stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling, you can scuba dive, there is a spa there or just go for a swim in the crystal clear warm waters right outside your bedroom door!

We loved how secluded it was. It was so chill. There’s no cars, no shopping centers, nothing but palms, white sand beaches and every color of blue waters you can imagine with just the beautiful grounds of Aloita! Its all you need! Its amazing… like honestly, I feel like it was just one big dream and can barely believe this happened!

We left with new friendships, incredible memories. It was a trip of a life time and we credit it to The Perfect Wave and Aloita Resort ! Our only dream is to do it again and again and again!

Most of these photos are from Grant Davis ( @aquapix2 ), some from Hatsumi (@hatsumisurfboard) and the rest just us 🙂

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