Video ben roethlisberger fashion show

Not to be overshadowed by the start of baseball season, the N.F.L. last week opened a gigantic retail store, off Bryant Park, and unveiled its new uniforms, which were designed by Nike. To an untrained eye, they look much like the old uniforms, which were designed by Reebok, but a video presentation explained that they are five per cent drier, eight per cent lighter, and twenty-two per cent cooler than last fall’s threads, or mesh, as the case may be. The jerseys now feature “flywire technology” and “stretch-twill numbering,” and the D-rings on the belts are made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

Hundreds of journalists were on hand to witness the football fashion show, which was held on the Steiner Studios lot, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. “This is historic,” Nike’s creative director, Todd Van Horne, said, while standing on AstroTurf, amid smoke effects and beams of light. Roger Goodell, the N.F.L. commissioner, was invited onto the turf, and then thirty-two models appeared, each wearing a different team’s colors. One of them was the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

“Hey, Mr. Ben! How are you?” A reporter with Fox Sports Latin America, in Mexico, approached Roethlisberger and explained that he had “six fast questions, O.K.?” Roethlisberger nodded. “First of all, your favorite music?”

“Uh, R. & B.”

“R. & B., nice! Your favorite actress?”

“I don’t know. Halle Berry?”

“Halle Berry, I like! O.K., your favorite food?”


“Steak . . . tacos?” the reporter asked, and pursed his lips. “Your favorite drink?”


“And do you prefer boobs or butt in a girl?”

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Roethlisberger blanched. Once an infamous cad (or worse), he is now a married man. “Um, both,” he said.

“And do you like mariachi?”


“Mr. Big Ben in the house! Thank you so much. Oww!”

A man from Telemundo approached and, regarding Roethlisberger’s stubble, said, “What about this? You never shave?”

Roethlisberger looked taken aback. “Just a little scruff,” he said. It was becoming evident that these were not the usual locker-room hacks.

“You understand that, besides wearing this great uniform, now you also have to wear makeup,” the Telemundo man continued. “I don’t know if they told you that. It’s going to be a new thing—eyelashes, makeup, lipstick.”

In that case, Roethlisberger said, “I’m retired.”

A woman from stepped up. “Ben, hi, we’ve been talking to some of the other guys about what they’re going to do with their old jerseys, and two of them have admitted to a man cave,” she said. “Do you have one of those?”

“I do have one,” he said.

“Awesome,” she said. “And then, aesthetically, fashionwise, do you feel like any improvements have been made, or anything was tweaked a little bit to make you guys look a little bit sharper on the field?”

“For me, being quarterback, I don’t need to look all pretty. I just go out and play the game.”

“Finally, have you been watching Donald on ‘Dancing with the Stars’?” (Donald Driver, a contestant, is a wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers.)

“I don’t watch that show.”

“Have you seen ‘Hunger Games’?”

“I’m about halfway through the book.”

More reporters and cameramen were jostling for position in front of Big Ben. “Sorry, can we just scooch?” a well-dressed British man said, stepping to the front of the line. “Thank you.” He was from Sky News, in London. “Ben, what do you think of your new uniform?”

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“Love it,” Roethlisberger said. “Super light and, uh, stylish?” He laughed.

“Are you a dedicated follower of fashion?”

“Not really.”

“And what about the Seahawks’ uniform? Complete redesign. Do you think that’s one of the better uniforms in the league now?” The new Seahawks uniforms, Nike’s Van Horne explained, are vaguely fluorescent and “rooted in the hues of the Seattle environment,” including “the deep blue of the ocean water, the greens of the evergreen trees, mosses, and ferns.”

“I think theirs is good if the lights go out,” Roethlisberger joked.

The routine went on, with occasional questions about Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning to keep Roethlisberger sane.

“Hey, Ben, as a kid, what was the one thing you wanted, clothing-wise?”


“Do you know which pair?”


“And did you finally get them?”


“Ben, who’s the best-dressed dude off the field?”


“You?” The reporter looked unconvinced. “Larry said him.” Larry Fitzgerald, the All-Pro wide receiver, had been modelling the Arizona Cardinals uniform.

“Well, that’s fine,” Roethlisberger said.

Last question: Hey, Ben, do you find it strange being asked all these questions about fashion?

“Yeah, absolutely. Styles and stuff like that? I don’t know. I wear Nike.” ♦