Submissive GF Jasmin Brown Admits To Spoiling Rumored BF Cam Newton “Rotten” & Sparked THESE Reactions

Submissive GF Jasmin Brown Admits To Spoiling Rumored BF Cam Newton “Rotten” & Sparked THESE Reactions
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Comedian Jasmin Brown, better known as “Watch Jazzy” to Instagram followers, revealed she’s happily submissive to her famous rumored boyfriend Cam Newton, and now the internet is picking her apart.

Hopeless romantic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 🌹

— Jasmin Brown (@watchjazzy) June 28, 2022

Fans think the father of seven, who admitted to spoiling his last relationship by cheating, isn’t worth the effort.

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Brown made the admission while appearing on Shan Boodram’s “Lovers & Friends” webcast. The topic of Brown’s “biggest flex” came up, where she revealed her biggest bragging point is how great she pampers her boyfriend, Cam Newton.

“You know, like packing his bag, unpacking his bag. Just making sure—all the things that he wants. I pretty much read his mind. If I know you and I study you, I know how you are in the morning; I know how you are by midday.” She said.”Before you can even ask me for something, I’m already on it. He’s spoiled.”

What does a submissive woman do for her alpha man in a romantic dynamic? @watchjazzy explains the Art of Being Submissive. Listen here

— Shan Boodram (@shanboody) June 29, 2022

Her Submissive Behavior Is “Like An 8-Count”

“Relationships and being submissive is like an 8-count,” the 33-year-old entertainer declared to sexologist Shan Boodram. To her it’s second nature, she revealed.

“If you have a long day and you are fighting the world, you will never come back and fight me.”

To some, her submissiveness to Cam Newton, whom she’s been dating publicly since last summer, can appear to be “enabling.” But 33-year-old Cam doesn’t buy into the concern of his relationship naysayers. Brown alleged he says, “of course, they are going to say that; they don’t have anyone doing it for them.”


Fans Drag Cam Newton’s GF Who Lets Him Have Anal Sex

Jasmin may be proud of how she loves Cam. However, fans have a lot to say about her admission. The clip of Jazzy describing how she enjoys spoiling the athlete with little to no expectations from him is stirring the pot online.

In another admission during the episode, the entertainer also reveals she has anal sex with Cam, even though she doesn’t enjoy it, but he does. This and her other revelations about their relationship sparked dozens of comments.

One Twitter user called Cam out for being a serial cheater, insinuating Jazzy was embarrassing herself:

Baby you date Cam Newton. A serial cheater with 15 kids and multiple BMs. Hearing her say this makes this video even more wild.

Baby you date Cam Newton. A serial cheater with 15 kids and multiple BM’s. Hearing her say this makes this video even more wild.

— Skinny Minnie (@Da_mirror91) June 30, 2022

Even more comments poured in, picking a part her words. Scroll down to see them.

You’re rubbing cam newton’s back till he falls sleep every night meanwhile your asshole is tenderized. Where’s your back rub?

— B(lack) E(vil) T(elevision) (@nottramar) June 30, 2022

This woman admits that she has anal NOT for pleasure but for HIM. She speaks on her abuse and sexual trauma. She speaks about her mother and the dynamics she witnessed there. She admits to getting nothing in return. Men: she’s a dime 😬

— Sis (@Safia00) July 1, 2022

Jazzy is dumb like I said. You gotta be a little dumb to date Cam Newton

— Dear Ashley… (@asj519) June 30, 2022

How is her man an alpha where she coddles and burps him to sleep and packs his school lunch? Wouldn’t an “alpha man” be the last to sleep after securing everyone under HIS care is at rest first???? She’s just a mother hen and her man is her chick.

— Bronzeddoll🇹🇹 (@PisceanGoddessa) June 30, 2022

Just started listening to Shan Boody’s podcast interview with Watch Jazzy and basically she’s codependent. But labeling it as submissive

— rudegyal☝🏾🇭🇹 (@unessdee) June 30, 2022

She is allegedly dating Cam Newton, who famously said this a few months ago. 🫥 Chile, if they like it and it works for them — Jah bless.

— – (@BasedJane) June 29, 2022

I always say stop listening to & taking advice from people who record videos in their cars. They always want prove themselves to be dumb

Now she’s over there getting anal lacerations from Cam Newton and hating every minute of it but that’s her man and she gon stick beside him 🥴

— The Hoochie Daddy Hunter (@HoochieDaddyLvr) July 1, 2022

Roomies, what do YOU think about Watch Jazzy’s admission to submitting to her rumored boyfriend, Cam Newton? Peep her entire interview below.

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