There's a message behind Cam Newton's outfits on game days

There's a message behind Cam Newton's outfits on game days
Video cam newton outfit post game

Cam Newton certainly understands the phrase “Dress to impress.”

The former Panthers’ and current Patriots’ quarterback catches attention basically every week of the NFL season thanks to his pre- and post-game outfits. Sometimes they’re classically put together, with an old-school hat, and other times Newton pulls out fur or outrageous colors or any number of other fashion statements. Newton’s style carries on to the field, too, where he has an impressive cleat game.

“My father and a lot of wise men once told me the way you dress is the way you are addressed,” Newton said in 2019. “So I just always make sure that I present myself in a manner that people can see and get inspired, and also look for inspiration as well.”

Why does Cam Newton dress in bold outfits, win or lose?

One question that Newton’s been asked in the past is why he doesn’t wear something more subdued after his team loses. Newton explained to Atlanta radio station 680 The Fan in 2019 that it’s all a mentality.

“Everything is a mentality. You don’t go into a game saying that you’re gonna lose,” Newton told The Fan. “You don’t go into life or this day saying that today’s gonna be a bad day. Mentally, you go into it saying that this is gonna be the best day of my life. And everything, from the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you present yourself will be held accordingly.”

Newton’s fashion interests have made their way beyond the field, too, and he has a private artwork collection and opened a cigar bar-lounge-restaurant in Atlanta in 2019.

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“It’s a lot of years of thought,” Newton said earlier in 2020, according to CBS 4 in Boston. “It’s just a part of my weekly routine. I really look forward to things that kind of can get my mind off of the game of football periodically. And fashion is something that typically does that.”

The best of Cam Newton’s outfits

Newton showed up to his first game with the Patriots as a vision of yellow:

Lately, Newton has made sure his 2020 COVID-19 mask fits in with the outfit, too:

Newton’s Panthers days brought out quite the color combinations, too.

Cam Newton’s podium outfit.

Cam Newton wore an interesting outfit in his press conference today.

Cam Newton outfit ratingsWeek 2: scarf with the glasses and a beautiful navy blue suit: 11/10

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton said he wore this outfit to honor Craig Sager..

And here’s this, because LeBron James made suit shorts cool:

And the first Cam Newton arrival outfit of 2019 did NOT disappoint.

We’ll close out the outfits with this:

Cam Newton says his outfit was inspired by Andre 3000 wearing a ‘brimless’ hat 😂

The best of Cam Newton’s cleats

Newton often uses his cleats to make various statements with specialized, individual designs for specific occasions.

That included these cleats worn on Sept. 12, 2019:

Cam Newton’s cleats on point tonight 👌 #NeverForget

Newton wore “Wakanda Forever” cleats after Chadwick Bosemen’s death earlier in 2020.

Cam Newton’s cleats today: ‘Wakanda Forever’

These are the cleats he wore for Week 1 of 2020:

Cam Newton’s cleats for Week 1″7 Shots””Say Their Names!””Black Lives Matter””End Systemic Racism”

Newton paid tribute to Prince in 2016:

Cam Newton paid tribute to Prince with customized cleats prior to today’s game vs. Vikings ☔️🏈

And for all you 90s kids out there:

Cam Newton’s pregame cleats look like a tribute to 90’s Nickelodeon

The best part of Newton’s cleats and outfits? You never know what exactly is coming next, but you know something is coming.

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