Drew Brees Birthmark and Removal Surgery

Drew Brees Birthmark and Removal Surgery

Drew Brees, an American football quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, has always attracted attention in the field as much as he does with his helmet outside the field. He is one of the great sportsmen who have had a visible birthmark. Have you been wondering what is Drew Brees’ scar from or what is on the side of his face? Have you heard of Drew Brees’s birthmark removal or Drew Brees’s birthmark surgery? The details are all contained in this post.

What Is Drew Brees Scar from?

When one is a prime-time news item most of the time, even the most insignificant thing of all can be attention-grabbing. When famous people have a suspicious mark, the media may use it to set the agenda and keep the topic trending so as to retain a certain group of audience. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is one person who has attracted attention for his successful career in equal measure as he has for the mark on the right side of his face.

Drew Brees
Two images of Drew Brees’ birthmark

The mark has been a topic of debate for a while with many people wondering what is on the side of Drew Brees Face. Until recently, the mark was a birthmark he was born with. It was diagnosed to be harmless and therefore his parents did not make him undergo any medical procedures to get rid of it.

Drew Brees’ Birthmark Removed

Despite the fame that New Orleans Saints has thrust to its quarterback Drew Brees, one question does not seem to fade away: What is Drew Brees scar from? The scar has been a source of so much hullaballoo. While some hate it, there are some people who admire it so much. It is no wonder that at some point there were temporary tattoos resembling his mole. The mark also did not escape Oprah Winfrey’s attention. She asked him on her show if someone had just kissed him and even tried to wipe off the “lipstick”.

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Until recently, the star had a birthmark on the exact place where the scar is. Tim Layden, a sportswriter in 1999 described it as follows:

“The Fuzzy brown birthmark on Purdue quarterback Drew Brees’s right cheek approximates the size, shape, and texture of a small woolly-bear caterpillar.” [si.com]

Rumour has it that while dancing with girls, they have at times mistaken it for some dirt and tried to wipe it off.

For quite a long time, the hairy birthmark was always a symbol of Brees. It became part of his trademark look. At the age of three years, his parents had considered having Drew Brees birthmark removed. The doctors advised them against it and suggested that he kept it since it was harmless.

It was not until recently that he had the birthmark operated on. The birthmark now appears a little red and though it did reduce in size after the operation, it did not go away. This is something that plastic surgery could take care of but Drew has no plans of getting rid of the mark as is evident in what he told TMZ sport: “…..he’s committed to the famous birthmark on his face and has no plans to remove it … ever … unless doctors tell him it poses a threat to his health.” [tmz.com]

Drew Brees Birthmark Surgery

Drew Brees’s birthmark surgery only happened a few years back. While still small, the birthmark earned him some bullying. Like it always happens, anything that interferes with our appearance may have such a great impact on how others view us and also how we view ourselves.

Drew Brees
Drew Brees’ birthmark (before and after removal)

If a child has a Drew Brees birthmark, surgery should not be an outright option. It would be important to consult a pediatrician so they could give their informed opinion about it. Since this only causes social but not health-related problems, it is not necessary to make a decision too early in a baby’s life.

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Some birthmarks are known to go away with time. It would therefore be unfair to subject the kid to the pain of removal and leave them with a scar while nature could have taken care of it. If a child doesn’t seem bothered by it and it causes him no social stigma, one may also want to hold back a little.

At times, some birthmarks become large and too raised from the surface of the skin. These are the ones that usually become very noticeable. They may as well elicit comments that may make one self-conscious. In such cases, it would be advisable to have it removed.

Moles are removed for two main reasons. The first one and most common is for cosmetic purposes. If the mole is located in a place where it affects the person’s anatomy or it obscures other body parts, one could settle for removal. When kids reach puberty they could be too particular about how they look and could express their desire to get rid of it too. The second reason why one may wish to have it removed is after a doctor’s suggestion that the tissue in it be tested for malignancy.

Once a person has decided that they want to go the Drew Brees birthmark surgery way, they should go ahead to consult the surgeon. Among the things that are likely to be discussed are the risks involved in the procedure. These include risks of hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation, minor bleeding, infection, and irritation.

Surgical excision is the most recommended method of mole removal. This is because it will not only get rid of the lesion but also enable the surgeon to produce a specimen that will be sent for pathologic analysis. This way, it enhances the complete elimination of the birthmark even in deep skin tissues that could be missed by other methods. It also ensures that further testing is done to see if the mole was malignant or benign. This way all worries are eliminated. Surgery is also better cosmetically as one can opt for incisions with minimal scarring.

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Once surgery has been done, the place where the birthmark was placed is left with a linear scar. Engaging a great plastic surgeon could ensure that closure techniques are used to create the most minimal scar. The final result of the surgery is determined by the location and size of the mole.

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