Cam Jordan Explains Why Drew Brees Can’t ‘Tippy Toe’ Around National Anthem Comments

Cam Jordan Explains Why Drew Brees Can’t ‘Tippy Toe’ Around National Anthem Comments
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After Drew Brees set the Internet ablaze Wednesday with his anti-national anthem protest comments, he received a ton of backlash from players around the NFL. Even his own Saints teammates jumped on the QB for his insensitive statement. Cam Jordan was one of those teammates. Jordan spoke to Brees on the phone Wednesday afternoon to explain why his comments offended so many people.

Drew Brees’ controversial comments

Drew Brees picked the wrong time to stand up against the NFL’s national anthem protests. On Wednesday afternoon, while millions of Americans are protesting black injustice across the country, Brees had bigger problems on his mind.

“I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country,” Brees told Daniel Roberts of Yahoo! Finance.

Brees’ comments started a Twitter firestorm, and even his own Saints teammates condemned what he said.

Cam Jordan talked to Brees Wednesday after comments went viral

Brees’ teammate, Cam Jordan, was one of the Saints players deeply offended by his comments Wednesday. He called his quarterback shortly after to talk about why everyone is up in arms.

“I feel like I gave him my perspective — it was almost like I was trying to force him to walk a mile in my shoes — and I hope it gets through,” Jordan told “I hope it gets through to my guy Drew, because that’s what he is. He’s been my guy since I entered the league.”

Jordan went on to say no one can sit on the fence of this issue. He, and most of his Saints teammates, believe you understand the issue of social injustice or you don’t. You have to pick a side.

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“He’s been the leader and a guy I can rely on — on the field,” Jordan continued. “Well, off the field has to align. I can’t allow people to tippy-toe on the line of this issue. You can’t play both sides on this one. We’re fighting to end social injustice, and you’re either with us or you aren’t.”

Jordan said Brees is a “phenomenal person” but needs to rethink his stance

Cam Jordan knows Drew Brees didn’t mean anything malicious with his comments, but he also knows Brees needs to put himself in Jordan’s shoes.

“I understand that Drew has military ties, and he went on to explain that [in our conversation], but the first nine words (‘I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag’) are the most hurtful,” Jordan told “He’s creating the emotional illusion that everyone who takes a knee is disrespecting the flag, when we’ve spent years trying to explain what the protest is really about.

Jordan continued to say Brees is a great person who just needs to realize what the national anthem protest really stands for.

“I know Drew is a phenomenal person. I know he gives back to the community. I know what’s in his heart and how he pours out his heart. But maybe I didn’t get clear enough about what the movement meant in 2017, when we all knelt in unison in London.”

When asked whether Brees’ comments will affect the chemistry in the locker room, Jordan was candid about that, too.

“I mean, of course it will,” Jordan said. “In our locker room, we hold people accountable.”

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