Ezekiel Elliott leaves Cabo, heads back to Dallas just ahead of Cowboys’ return from Hawaii

Ezekiel Elliott leaves Cabo, heads back to Dallas just ahead of Cowboys’ return from Hawaii
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Ezekiel Elliott is currently in the midst of a holdout from training camp as he continues discussions on a contract extension with the Dallas Cowboys, having opted to go to the familiarity of Cabo to train versus attempting to do so in Dallas while the team practiced in Oxnard, Calif. Elliott trained at the property in Mexico owned by his agent, Rocky Arceneaux, where he also chiseled his form during a six-game suspension in 2017. With a recent report declaring the two-time rushing champ has shed weight while in Cabo, it sounds as if – physically speaking – the trip was mission accomplished for Elliott.

As the Cowboys ready to battle the Los Angeles Rams in Honolulu this Saturday, Elliott was allegedly spotted on a flight back to the Dallas area. A source with knowledge of the situation confirmed to me that Elliott’s initial plan was to return on Texas on August 17, but opted to instead do so one day prior, as seen in this image that hit the internet on Friday – courtesy of a fan on Cowboys Reddit.

To be clear, no deal has been signed just yet, but the timing of Elliott’s return to Dallas is a positive sign.

As opposed to remaining in Cabo, he’ll now be in North Texas when the Cowboys return from Hawaii, because training camp in Oxnard has officially wrapped. With both the team and Elliott now back in close proximity, the already progressive – albeit paced and deliberate – talks could rapidly pick up steam. Nothing is imminent at the time this article goes to file, but as seen in the talks with defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence in April, things can change in the blink of an eye and in the matter of one meeting or phone call.

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The Cowboys have what they describe as a “top-five” offer in front of Elliott, but are also eyeing the contract of Le’Veon Bell as the key point of negotiation. That creates an issue when considering Elliott’s camp has a bullseye on the money of Todd Gurley, and they’re not wrong in doing so. Aside from Elliott arguably being the better running back, and having more value to the Cowboys than does Gurley to the Los Angeles Rams, the former is also more durable. There’s also the fact team exec Stephen Jones said earlier this season that Gurley’s deal was the “starting point” for talks with Elliott, but has since swerved from that stance.

Still, there hasn’t been any contention or negativity in the discussions as both sides work to hammer out a deal everyone can smile about. It took a long time for things to devolve into a holdout pattern, and given the size of the contract being discussed – particularly the $10 million difference in guaranteed money between the deals on Bell and Gurley – it stands to reason there wouldn’t be an instant fix to get Elliott back in camp. Odds are still strong he is on the field when the Cowboys host the New York Giants in the season opener, and they just got stronger with Elliott and the team’s brass again able to have a face-to-face sitdown. Until the ink hits the paper, though, patience remains the name of the game here.

Now free of any potential charges stemming from the incident in Las Vegas, Elliott can focus a bit more on his primary goal, and that’s playing for the Cowboys for the foreseeable future.

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One flight later, he’s one step closer.