Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Port: What You Need to Know

Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Port: What You Need to Know

Getting from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Port is a popular route for some of the 6.8 million cruise passengers who book a cruise out of PortMiami each year.

Many international cruisers opt to fly into Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) and it is a convenient airport for US cruisers flying on budget airlines from other states. Of course, you will need to transfer to PortMiami which is about 25 miles further south so there’s where we can help.

Transportation between Fort Lauderdale and Miami is a huge industry with a diverse array of options, companies, and prices. We have the full facts about nine different ways that travelers can get from the airport to the cruise capital of the world.

We compare the different options and discover which ones are the cheapest, the easiest, the fastest and the most reliable.

Different cruisers have individual preferences and needs, so we suggest the best transfer options for those traveling as a group or family, those with limited mobility, those on a tight budget and those with lots of heavy luggage!

But first, let’s answer some of the most common questions cruisers ask about traveling from the Airport to PortMiami.

How Far is Fort Lauderdale Airport from Miami?

Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) is located 29 miles north of Miami cruise port. If traffic is flowing well, the journey down I-95 takes around 30 minutes. However, if you’re checking in for your cruise, you should allow up to an hour for the journey, just in case.

Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Port Route
Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Port Route (Google Maps)

Why Choose Fort Lauderdale Airport?

Miami International Airport is just 9 miles west of PortMiami, so it is by far the closest. However, Miami is also the largest and busiest airport and is often the most expensive when it comes to flight prices.

The distance from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Port may be further, but FLL serves many budget domestic and international airlines. It is a much smaller hub to navigate when arriving and departing, especially for those struggling with luggage, disabilities or with youngsters in tow.

Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL)
Photo Credit: Markus Mainka /

As well as being cheaper, direct flights to Fort Lauderdale may also be offered at more suitable times. So go ahead, book your flight and then opt for one of the following transfers from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Port.

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Getting from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Port

We have researched 9 different transport options for transferring between Fort Lauderdale and Miami cruise port, so there’s sure to be something perfect for you.

NB. If you plan to fly in ahead of your cruise and stay overnight in a hotel in Fort Lauderdale you’ll find plenty of convenient hotels near the airport.

Being a popular tourist destination in its own right there are plenty of fun things to do in Fort Lauderdale during your stay.

Miami Road
Photo Credit: Julian Prizont-Cado /

However, you will still need to arrange a transfer from Fort Lauderdale to Miami Port on the day of departure as hotels only offer shuttle transport to Port Everglades.

Here’s a quick comparison table of the different transport options from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Port for cruisers:

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Cruise Line Shuttles from FLL to Port Miami

All major cruise lines operate a shuttle service to transport cruisers between Fort Lauderdale Airport and Miami cruise port. Check with your cruise company or travel agent; you will need to book a seat well in advance.

Miami Cruise Parking: Port & Nearby Lots

These shuttle buses are very convenient and easy but they do not come cheap. Expect to pay at least $30 per person each way. If you’re traveling solo, that may seem quite affordable. However, for a family of 4, that could cost a total of $240 for transfers to and from the port. Ouch!

Independent Shuttle Services

There are several private shuttle services operating in Fort Lauderdale including GoAirportShuttle, Airport Shuttle, and SuperShuttleExpress.

They offer shared (and private) transport in vans and minibusses. As the ride is shared with other passengers (unless you’re a large group) the price is competitive.

Miami Shuttle
Photo Credit: Felix Mizioznikov /

Expect to pay around $21 per person for an air-conditioned transfer door-to-door from Fort Lauderdale to Miami Port. Groups can request a quote for a private shuttle service and get a similar price per head by shopping around.

Uber/Lyft Rideshare

If you are traveling as a couple or a group, Uber or a similar private rideshare service could be a good choice. They will pick you and your luggage up from Fort Lauderdale Airport and transport you comfortably to the Miami cruise terminal.

It’s a good choice for older cruisers and those with young children who don’t want to hang around waiting for a bus or shuttle. You need to upload the app and register a credit card before booking your ride.

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Sharing a private ride like this means sharing the cost. Expect a fare of $40 to $45 for a vehicle for up to 4 passengers. This could work out as low as $10 a head with tip!

Public Transport from Fort Lauderdale to Miami

Traveler Tip: There’s an app for iPhone and Android mobile devices that will help you navigate public transportation options. You can download it here: GO Miami-Dade Transit.

Tri-Rail/Metrorail Fort Lauderdale to Miami

Tri-Rail offers a cheap option (less than $7 per person) for getting from Fort Lauderdale to Miami Port, but the journey is pretty complex.

Take the free Tri-Rail Commuter Connector to the Tri-Rail Station and then ride south to the Metrorail Transfer Station.

Fort Lauderdale Tri-Rail
Tri-Rail (Photo Credit: Christopher A. Salerno /

From there take the Metrorail Green Line to Brickell Station and then hop aboard the free Miami Trolley (Coral Way Route) to Miami cruise port. You’ll probably need a cruise vacation after all this!

Alternatively, you can miss out the Metrorail and ride the Tri-Rail another two stops to Miami Airport for about $5. However, you then need to get a shuttle or taxi to the cruise terminal from there. Although simpler, it would work out much more expensive.

Brightline Express

The new Brightline Express is not conveniently located for either Fort Lauderdale Airport or Port of Miami.

Although the journey is speedy (34 minutes) and cheap ($7-$11) you need to walk or get a taxi to the station (about 1.3 miles from FLL). When you reach Virgin MiamiCentral Station it’s another 1.4 miles on foot or by taxi to the cruise terminal.


Several buses run regularly from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami including Greyhound. Bus Line 3799 operates a regular service throughout the day. However, no public bus transport goes direct to the cruise port.

Most routes involve a change at North Miami bus terminal. The nearest bus stop to PortMiami is SE 1st Ave/E. Flagler St and from there you will need to take a taxi or walk the final 2 miles.

It probably won’t work out any cheaper with a taxi ($16+) and will definitely be stressful and time-consuming (over 2 hours).

Taxi from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Port

Taxis are plentiful at Fort Lauderdale Airport and they are one of the easiest and most convenient options. Taxis are located kerbside and Ground Transportation is clearly signed from Arrivals.

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Taxi at PortMiami
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Drivers will help with luggage so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. The journey takes at least 35 minutes, depending on traffic, and the cost will be $70-75 total.

Private Car Rentals

If you like the convenience of driving, you can easily rent a car from Fort Lauderdale Airport and drop it off near the cruise port. You will incur a one-way fee but it does put you in the driving seat, so to speak.

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Fort Lauderdale Airport has a dedicated Rental Car Center within the airport with a dedicated shuttle bus direct from Arrivals. When you drop-off off the car at a convenient point near PortMiami, most rental companies offer a free transfer to the ship.

Port of Miami Cruise Parking
Photo Credit: pisaphotography /

For an economy car, prices start from $28 per day, plus fuel of course. Allow 30-60 minutes for the journey plus 30-40 minutes for drop-off and shuttle transfer to the cruise terminal.

Car/Van/Limo with Chauffeur

If none of the above options really meets your needs, why not splurge on a car and driver, or better still a chauffeured limousine?

It’s a great way to start your luxury cruise in style as you sweep down I-95 and into Miami cruise port attracting envious looks!

Once again, the price is per vehicle, so if you’re traveling as a group it can be cheaper than the cruise shuttle. Larry’s Private Car and Limo Service operates in Broward and Miami-Dade making it a good choice for your trip from Fort Lauderdale to Miami Port. There are several other reputable car and driver companies online including AventuraRide.

Prices vary according to your requirements so you will need to contact the company online or by phone to get a fixed price. Expect to pay $100-120 for a luxury sedan and a bit more for a limo.

Miami Airport to Cruise Port: What You Need to Know

Fort Lauderdale to Miami FAQ:

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Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Port