Is Home Alone 3 releasing in 2024? Viral Kevin McCallister trailer debunked

Is Home Alone 3 releasing in 2024? Viral Kevin McCallister trailer debunked
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Accumulating over 2.2 million views on YouTube a recent viral video showed what seemed to be the trailer for a new Home Alone sequel starring the famous child actor from the original classic- Macaulay Culkin. But since there was no official confirmation about this news, the people on the internet started to wonder if the video is real or fake.

Unfortunately, a really good fake

Sadly for the fans of the original classic Christmas films, the video was a very well-made fake trailer. The video, titled ‘Kevin’s Revenge’ is just a fan-made trailer that went viral. Comprising scenes from very popular original movies, and footage gathered from other films, shows, and commercials over the years, the video was proof of some clever editing and nothing else.

The original Home Alone movie came out in 1990, while its sequel Home Alone2: Lost in New York, came out in 1992. The two films, especially the first one, are still revered to be the greatest Christmas comedy of all time. This shows us how a little boy named Kevin, who is forgotten in his home as his parents and siblings all go on a vacation, outwits two grown burglars who want to rob their house.

The films were a huge part of many people’s childhoods and continue to capture the hearts of children and adults alike to this day. It is one of the most hilarious comedy movies of all time featuring a child outwitting two grown adults at every turn with really smart and well-executed traps.

What did the trailer show

The trailer was able to ignite the hope in the hearts of many people for one reason: it was well executed. Not only did it have a series of perfectly patched videos that gave the audience a clear idea about the plot but also had a tremendous voiceover that just seemed way too real.

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The trailer shows Kevin McCallister, now an adult, living in a house with his family. He has children now and seems like a responsible father. But everything starts to go awry when the two ‘wet bandits’ from the first movie are finally released from prison.

The two of them band together again to seek revenge on Kevin who is now an adult and living a peaceful life. But it will not be easy because this time, Kevin is not truly home alone because he has his own family to protect this time around. The fake trailer then goes into more detail as we see Kevin set up more elaborate traps to make sure the thieves’ plan to rob his house fails.

The trailer also showed us some kids who were believed to be Kevin’s. Kevin was also seen arguing with his mother over her forgetting him at home when the whole family went on a vacation. Even though the plot sounds intriguing and a real movie with the same plot will also be amazing, unfortunately, it will not be happening. Sadly, this movie is not coming out in 2024 as the trailer claimed. If you miss the Home Alone films, however, you can rewatch them as Christmas is right around the corner.

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