The Rush: Kyler Murray’s new salary is almost as much as the entire Athletics payroll

The Rush: Kyler Murray’s new salary is almost as much as the entire Athletics payroll

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has a new $230 million deal and his annual salary is almost as much as the entire Oakland Athletics 2022 payroll. Charles Barkley is strongly considering joining LIV Golf as a broadcaster. Miami Football is retiring the Turnover Chain, but Jared thinks it’ll be back.

Video Transcript

RICH EISEN: I know for sure baseball would love to have you, and so would the NFL. But you would agree, though- let’s start with this. Would you agree that you can’t do both?

KYLER MURRAY: Yeah. Yeah. I’d love to, but yeah.

JARED QUAY: I’d say Kyler Murray made the right decision going with football, because he just agreed to a massive, five-year, $230 million deal- including $160 million guaranteed- with the Cardinals.

– I love money. I love money.

JARED QUAY: It gives Kyler-

– Calamari!

JARED QUAY: -the second-highest annual quarterback salary, at $46 million per year. And if you remember, the Oakland Athletics drafted Kyler to play baseball, but he infamously chose football instead. And just to drive home the point that he made the right decision, Kyler’s $46 million per year is almost the same as the Athletics’ entire 2022 payroll.

– You’re [MUTED] me.

JARED QUAY: I [BLEEP] you not. The Athletics’ payroll sits at $48.5 million. And it’s crazy to think that some people really thought Kyler was making a mistake by choosing the NFL over MLB. And if you’re watching this and you’re one of those people that though that, well, let me say this for everybody. Shut the [BLEEP] up.

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There’s another guy considering signing what probably will be a massive contract. Charles Barkley is reportedly in talks to join the LIV Golf Tour as a broadcaster. He met with CEO Greg Norman, and then confirmed he’ll play at the next LIV event while he weighs his options.

– What to do? What to do?

JARED QUAY: There actually could be a lot of repercussions for Barkley. Quite a few golfers have jumped ship, and they’ve been banned from playing in the PGA TOUR while also losing many of their sponsorships, as the LIV is backed by Saudi Arabia, which is well known for its human rights violations. Barkley could lose his gig as an NBA analyst for TNT, along with a few sponsorships of his own. The NBA Hall of Famer hasn’t committed to anything yet. But I can’t imagine the “Inside the NBA” broadcast of Shaq, Kenny, and Ernie without Charles Barkley. It just sounds wrong.

Hey, Chuck. Where’s Chuck? Oh, Chuck’s not here? Oh, this show’s getting canceled. The changes keep coming for my alma mater, the University of Miami. The school hired Mario Cristobal as head coach, and now the turnover chain has officially been retired.

– It’s gone too soon.

JARED QUAY: The celebration involving massive jewelry after a turnover started in 2017. Cristobal wants his team now to focus on actually winning games. And I get it. What good is an amazing celebration if you’re not winning the game? I’m holding out hope that the turnover chain will make a comeback in the near future after The U restores its reputation.

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In fact, I’m calling it right now. Turnover chain will be back after this season. We’re going to be good this year, all right? And it’s not even like we need a turnover chain, because with the new NIL deals, everybody gonna be able to buy an actual, life-sized turnover chain with diamonds in it.