Harry Styles slammed for selling ‘overpriced’ fragrance-inspired candles as fans claim £80 gifts are a ‘money grab’

Harry Styles has been slammed for selling an ‘overpriced’ fragrance-inspired candle collection.

The singer, 29, launched his lifestyle brand Pleasing in 2021, first selling a line of perfumes before branching out into nail polishes and clothing.

But after announcing the brand’s latest collection – jar candles – this week, Harry was met by backlash from fans who branded the £80 gifts ‘a money grab.’

The scented candles are available in three different options, inspired by the brand’s perfume range.

The Bright, Hot Candle, comes in an orange-tinted glass jar, which follows the £135.00 perfume of the same name.

Sharing their thoughts online, one fan wrote on X: ‘$80 for an 8oz candle @HarryStyles are you off your f***ing rocker?’

‘I love Harry Styles but my hot take is that Pleasing is not at all a well thought out or executed brand and it feels like a money grab.’

‘Harry Styles baby I love you but I’m not paying $80 for a candle,’ another shared.

‘Breaking my silence. Pleasing is overprice AF well I know it’a Harry Styles’ but that brand is literally BRAND NEW (esp for the perfume and scented candle) and the price is equivalent to Dior, Prada etc etc likeee :/’ someone else posted.

One person questioned: ‘Why in gods names is your website so expensive @HarryStyles. Who can afford this stuff????’

The vegan candles are made of soy wax and the packaging is also environmentally friendly – with 100% compostable paper materials and soy and water-based inks.

The range is available to buy online on the Pleasing website.

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The brand has recently started selling their range in Selfridges across the UK as well as stores in New York City and Los Angeles.

In August it was revealed that Harry was set to follow in Gwyneth Paltrow’s footsteps as he geared up to launch his own ‘sex-themed’ perfume.

Following the announcement of the appointment Harry said of Sean: ‘His exceptional vision and extensive experience will be invaluable as we enter the next chapter of Pleasing’.

In April the brand released its latest nail polish and apparel collection, Pollinator, inspired by the local wildlife in Harry’s North London neighbourhood.