Video madden patrick mahomes set

You were made for this. #Madden24

— Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs) June 7, 2023

EA Sports officially released a trailer for the upcoming installment of their Madden NFL video game franchise and within the reveal had an exciting surprise for Kansas City Chiefs fans.

Chiefs Kingdom often jokes that Patrick Mahomes has incomplete passes that are better than some completed passes by other quarterbacks. It was undoubtedly true regarding one of his most iconic plays in the team’s Super Bowl LV loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The play was so good that it made the NFL’s Top 100 Plays of 2020 — an incomplete pass — and now it’s coming to “Madden NFL 24” as what is speculated to be a unique player animation.

If you don’t recall the specific play and moment, here’s a brief rundown:

Mahomes was playing behind a patchwork offensive line and was running for his life all game, reversing field and trying to buy time to make any throw possible. It was fourth down and little was going right for the Chiefs. Flushed from the pocket and tripped up by Bucs DE William Gholston, Mahomes made a diving passing attempt that hit RB Darrel Williams in the facemask in the endzone.

Bucs players we’re calling Mahomes a magician on the sideline after the attempt. Here’s what the star QB had to say about it:

“Yeah, definitely a pass you only attempt on fourth down. I was scrambling out and I was trying to get past that last guy on that edge there because I knew that if I got past, it would buy enough time that hopefully somebody could get open. Obviously, he kind of clipped me and it kind of tripped up my feet and I wasn’t going to go down without giving somebody a chance. I saw a red jersey, I didn’t know it was Darrel (Williams), I just saw a red jersey and I knew I had to find a way to throw it and give him a chance to catch the ball, so I just put it up there. Obviously, came up short but I mean he battled for the ball and just like the whole game, we didn’t make the plays, but guys battled until the very end.”

Well, it seems like Mahomes will get some opportunities to complete that pass again, just this time it’ll be happening in a video game.

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