Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany once faced heavy backlash over questionable racist tweets

Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany once faced heavy backlash over questionable racist tweets
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Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany is almost as popular as her husband. The young mother-of-two and entrepreneur is known for her massive social media presence, never shying away from sharing things with her followers. However, not everything she tweeted has landed well with users online.

While trolls have often targeted Brittany, the 27-year-old came under fire for some racist tweets in 2021.

The tweets themselves were sent in 2016. However, back then, she was not the public figure she is today. Her following has grown to a million and more, with the fitness trainer constantly interacting online.

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Unfortunately, some questionable tweets from the past caught everyone’s attention. Many wanted to cancel Brittany, unhappy with the racist statements passed. Brittany wrote in a now-deleted tweet:

Another tweet spoke about Brittany quoting someone she had tagged, the statement circling around rubbing lotion ‘all over black guys’.

Later, fans even dragged Patrick Mahomes into the conversation, stating that it was a miracle he was making it back home to her. Others just chose to cancel Brittany, not expecting anything else from her.

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Considering her popularity, many believed that such offensive statements were a bad look on Brittany. That being said, she ended up deleting the seemingly racist tweets.

Fans love to hate Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany

Ever since Patrick Mahomes’ started playing for the Chiefs, Brittany (and Jackson Mahomes) have been a part of a fair share of controversies. Their families are often candid on social media, including games and other events, which can sometimes shed a negative light on her.

Patrick Mahomes at the Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs game

A few months ago, she was caught popping open a bottle of champagne on camera. Unfortunately, people also noticed that it fell on people standing beneath them at the stadium.

Many fans were disappointed in her behavior, wanting her to take more responsibility of her actions. The video only focused on a happy Brittany, who ended up spraying unsuspecting people with a lot of champagne.

A few other instances focused on Brittany calling out the NFL refs during a Chiefs loss. According to a few trolls, their family are sore losers, unable to accept that another team played better.

The fitness trainer and entrepreneur has often live tweeted games in a similar manner, focused solely on supporting Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

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