Tom Brady has a wild new look after letting a group of kids dye his hair a surprising color

Tom Brady has a wild new look after letting a group of kids dye his hair a surprising color

Under normal circumstances, if you saw a 44-year-old getting their hair dyed orange, you might think they were going through a midlife crisis, but that’s definitely not the case with Tom Brady, who actually got his hair dyed that exact color this week.

Brady was at the Buccaneers’ practice facility on Wednesday where he took part in the team’s annual “Cut and Color for a Cure,” which is an event the Bucs hold annually to help raise money for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation (NPCF).

The players who took part in the festivities had the option of coloring their hair, coloring their beard or having their hair shaved off their head. Brady decided to go with Option 1 and that’s when the kids started their job of coloring the quarterback’s hair.

Brady sat patiently as multiple kids took turns spray painting his hair orange. One child said there was only one rule to keep in mind while spraying Brady, “Don’t get it in his face,” Noah Fishman told the Tampa Bay Times. “I couldn’t spray it in (Brady’s) face.”

The children who got to color Brady’s hair definitely did a good job of following that one rule because it doesn’t look like any of the orange coloring got in his face. However, plenty of it did get in his hair. After getting his hair colored, Brady modeled his new look for the cameras.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the event on Wednesday raised $117,000 for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. This is the eighth year the Buccaneers have been holding the event and in the prior seven years, the team raised a total of $500,000.

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Although Brady was open to having his hair colored, he didn’t keep the new look for long. During an interview on Thursday, he was asked how long it took to get the orange out of his hair.

“It took awhile,” Brady told the media. “My shower was destroyed, but it was really fun.”

Brady’s interview on Thursday was his first press conference since announcing that he was coming out of retirement back in March and if you want to know what else he had to say, you can find out by clicking here. Brady touched on a multitude of topics including his offseason interest in the Dolphins and whether he thinks Rob Gronkowski will return for the 2022 season.