Tom Brady Reveals Future Plans Involving Buccaneers

Tom Brady Reveals Future Plans Involving Buccaneers

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady cemented his commitment to retirement on Monday, September 4, before the new NFL season kicks off.

Brady said he’s “very excited to never put on a helmet again” and “hopes to attend” a few Bucs games this fall. He talked about that and more during the “Let’s Go!” podcast on Monday.

“Yeah, and again, those three years I had were so amazing in my football journey,” Brady said. “And I loved the Glazer family, all the players, [general manager] Jason Licht, a lot of guys I worked with closely and all the coaches, Todd Bowles and Bruce [Arians] — but Mike [Evans] and Chris [Godwin], Ryan Jensen’s out for the year, but Tristan [Wirfs’] there, Cade’s [Otton] at tight end, some of the young running backs, Rachaad [White]. They got so many great guys, and they’re just across the state here.”

“I’m down in Miami now, they’re in Tampa. It’s a 40-minute flight. So I’m hoping to catch some of their games, too, but I’m pulling for those guys,” Brady added. “These are my brothers and football brings us all together.”

Tom Brady Had Miami Residence During Bucs Stint

Brady joined the Bucs as a free agent in 2020 and helped the team with a Super Bowl that season. He played another two seasons and helped the Bucs win the NFC South division title twice but fell short in the playoffs each time.

While Brady played in Tampa, he purchased a residence in Miami during his time with the Bucs. He retired in February 2022 but came back 40 days later to play the 2022 season in Tampa amid rumors of potential ownership in the Miami Dolphins, but he retired for good after that season in February this year.

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“There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears being out there in a hundred degree heat in Miami, and it’s hard in Tampa when you got helmets and shoulder pads on. And I am very excited to never put on a helmet again,” Brady said. “I did enough years of that and putting on that six-pound helmet on your head in 102-degree heat, believe, I’m not ever gonna miss that.”

Tom Brady Will ‘See Football From a Different Perspective’

After Brady’s second retirement, he took on part ownership of the Las Vegas Raiders amid various business ventures. Brady will begin broadcasting with FOX next season in 2024.

“I was very blessed to play for as long as I did, and I loved it,” Brady told Gray. “Now I get to see other guys do it, and I also get to see football from a different perspective. I’ll be on Fox next year, so I have a chance to really sit back and watch and learn a different career.”

For now, Brady will attend the home opener for his first NFL team — the New England Patriots — on September 10. The Patriots will honor his legacy before the game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Brady played 20 seasons for the Patriots and led the franchise to nine Super Bowl appearances and six championships.