Super Bowl 50 – Why do people hate Cam Newton?

Super Bowl 50 – Why do people hate Cam Newton?
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Super Bowl 50 – Why do people hate Cam Newton?

Leading up to Super Bowl 50 there’s been a lot of speculation about Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and why it is that some people don’t like him? Is it racism, his personality or something else about him that rubs people the wrong way?

Newton himself seems to think it has to do with racism and him being an African-American quarterback. Newton stated this in a recent press conference:

““I’m an African-American quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven’t seen nothing they can compare me to.””

Are some fans and media afraid of Cam Newton because he’s black? There may be a segment of the fans and the media who hold that resentment towards Cam Newton but I don’t think that’s the prevailing reason why people don’t like him.

I think it’s his arrogance. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching Cam Newton play. He’s capable of doing things on the field that can amaze you. He makes the difficult throws seem routine and he brings a physicality to the quarterback position that we haven’t seen before.

I don’t hate Cam Newton. I actually enjoy watching him play. But I do raise an eyebrow when he tends to takes things too far. Specifically his celebrating during games. I’m not talking about the dabbing or the Superman pose after a touchdown.

I’m referring to his running up and down the sidelines from one end zone to another, doing the Hulk Hogan hand to his ear while the game is still being played. While his opponent is still on the field competing.

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Some might say he’s just having fun or simply entertaining the crowd but I say it’s not necessary. Newton simply doesn’t care that such antics are disrespectful to his opponents. Shouldn’t it be enough that you are winning? Why rub it in the other teams’ face?

Cam Newton has come a long way during his career but there’s still an area he needs to improve on. Winning with class and dignity is that thing. Why not wait until the game is over for all of the celebratory antics?

I don’t think the majority of people who hate Cam Newton do so because he’s black. There are some African-American fans out there who don’t like him either. There have also been black champions in other sports who don’t elicit the kind of hatred that Cam Newton does.

I don’t think people hate him because of his race but they quite simply just hate him for who he is. I think it’s his arrogance and his habit of simply not being able to accept a win for what it is. On top of the win Cam Newton has to let you know he beat you.

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There have been many great champions of many races who never felt the need to rub their victories in their opponents face. If the Panthers win Super Bowl 50, how Cam Newton conducts himself in victory will go a long way in determining if he wins some fans over or turns even more against him.

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