Short Notice: MANOWAR Announces Album & Tour For 2025

Short Notice: MANOWAR Announces Album & Tour For 2025

Manowar isn’t really giving fans fans a lotta time to plan, as they’ve just announced an almost-entirely German tour and brand new album for 2025. The tour will feature Manowar playing their Hail To England and The Sign Of The Hammer albums in full each night, alternating between the two on each day.

“MASSIVE NEWS!” wrote Manowar. “Manowarriors! Let it be known that we will unleash our brand-new studio album upon the world in early 2025. While we cannot yet reveal the name, we can tell you that this album will crush the enemies of metal into the dust from whence they came and reunite Manowarriors from all over the world under the banner of True Metal – louder, harder, stronger, and faster than ever!

Beware, our onslaught will not stop there! In response to your calls that we return to the stage for more live action, the album release will coincide with our next crusade, as we launch The Blood Of Our Enemies Tour 2025!

“During this tour, we will be playing two unique setlists. On alternating nights, we will perform the entire Hail To England and The Sign Of The Hammer albums, respectively. Each evening will also showcase fan favorites from our entire career! We are thrilled about performing your favorite songs again and cannot wait to see your fists raised in the air and hear your screams!

“First shows have been confirmed for Germany and Luxembourg. More countries will follow!”

Get the dates below and get your tickets on October 28 if you’re fucking incredible at planning your life.

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2/7 – Ludwigsburg, Germany – Mhp Arena (Hail To England + Best Of)2/8 – Freiburg, Germany – Sick-Arena (Sign Of The Hammer + Best Of)2/10 – Zwickau, Germany – Stadthalle (Hail To England + Best Of)2/12 – Regensburg, Germany – Das Stadtwerk.Donau-Arena (Sign Of The Hammer + Best Of)2/14 – Bamberg, Germany – Brose Arena (Hail To England + Best Of)2/15 – München, Germany – Zenith (Sign Of The Hammer + Best Of)2/17 – Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg – Rockhal (Hail To England + Best Of)2/19 – Braunschweig, Germany – Volkswagen Halle (Sign Of The Hammer + Best Of)2/21 – Berlin, Germany – Ufo (Hail To England + Best Of)2/22 – Kiel, Germany – Wunderino Arena (Sign Of The Hammer + Best Of)2/25 – Mannheim, Germany – Sap Arena (Hail To England + Best Of)2/26 – Ravensburg, Germany – Oberschwabenhalle (Sign Of The Hammer + Best Of)2/28 – Oldenburg, Germany – Ewe Arena (Hail To England + Best Of)3/1 – Krefeld, Germany – Yayla Arena (Sign Of The Hammer + Best Of)