Aaron Gordon Tattoos 2023: What is Aarons latest tattoos?

Aaron Gordon Tattoos 2023: What is Aarons latest tattoos?
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Aaron Gordon, a talented and versatile NBA player, is also known for his impressive collection of tattoos. These tattoos tell a story, reflecting his personal journey, his principles, and his experiences both on and off the court. In this blog post, we’ll explore Aaron Gordon’s tattoos, covering those on his arms, legs, back, chest, and face, and discuss how they relate to his career as an NBA player.

Aaron Gordon Arm Tattoos

Gordon’s arms feature several tattoos that speak to his love for basketball and his life outside of the sport. The skeleton hand holding a basketball and the human hand holding a crystal ball, both part of the yin and yang design on his arm, represent life and death and Gordon’s deep connection to basketball. The hourglass with a quasar inside signifies that humans cannot encapsulate time, while the ape head with swirling atoms and electrons symbolize human evolution and the power of the mind.

Aaron Gordon Leg Tattoos

On his legs, Aaron has a variety of tattoos that pay tribute to his family, his beliefs, and his personal experiences. One of his favorites is a Native American chief skeleton, which serves as a reminder of his ancestors and the poor treatment they faced. On the back of his calf, he has a rose growing, inspired by a book about the inner workings of tennis, symbolizing the importance of nurturing growth in both life and basketball. On his other calf, he has a Marine tattoo in honor of his grandfather who fought in the Korean War.

Aaron Gordon Back Tattoos

Gordon’s first tattoo was the yin and yang symbol on his back. This design represents balance and harmony, which he strives for in his life. As a biracial individual, the yin and yang symbol holds special meaning for him, reflecting the balance and fluidity between black and white.

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Aaron Gordon Chest Tattoos

One of his most recent tattoos is the black power fist, symbolizing the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight for justice and equality. This tattoo reminds him of the importance of activism and using his platform as an NBA player to make a difference in the world.

Aaron Gordon Face and Neck Tattoos

While Gordon doesn’t have any tattoos on his face, he has a King’s crown on the back of his neck, sitting on top of the all-seeing eye. This symbolizes his belief in a higher power that governs everything.

Final Thoughts

Aaron Gordon’s tattoos are a reflection of his life, his beliefs, and his journey as an NBA player. They serve as a constant reminder of the principles he holds dear and the experiences that have shaped him both on and off the court. As his career continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see how his tattoos may change and grow along with him.

Frequently Asked Questions about Aaron Gordon Tattoos

Question: What tattoos does Aaron Gordon have?

Answer: Aaron Gordon has a variety of tattoos, including a yin and yang symbol on his back, an hourglass with a supernova, an ape head, a tree of life on his ribs, a native American chief, a woman with a candle, a rose on his calf, a tribute to his Marine grandfather, shoes hanging over a telephone wire, a black power fist, a drippy piece, chess pieces, and a King’s crown over the all-seeing eye on his neck.

Question: How many tattoos does Aaron Gordon have?

Answer: Aaron Gordon has over a dozen tattoos covering different parts of his body, and he continues to add more as time goes on.


Question: Does Aaron Gordon have tattoos?

Answer: Yes, Aaron Gordon has numerous tattoos on various parts of his body, including his back, arms, legs, ribs, and neck.

Question: Does Aaron Gordon have a face tattoo?

Answer: No, Aaron Gordon does not have any tattoos on his face. He has mentioned that his face is off-limits for tattoos.

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