Aaron Gordon’s Girlfriend

Aaron Gordon’s Girlfriend
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Aaron Gordon has been under media attention for close to a decade now. As early as his College days Basketball fans have tried to keep tabs on his off-court matters and who can blame them, the guy is exceptionally gifted with high flying abilities we can only think of. His Dunk contest performances are regarded as some of the best people have ever seen. Due to his professional career being noteworthy, fans have taken interest in his personal life and relationships.

Is Aaron Gordon Dating someone?

At the moment, Aaron Gordon is not involved in a romantic relationship and is single. Although there are no confirmed reports of Aaron Gordon dating anyone at present, some sources speculate that he may be seeing someone new. However, these rumors are unverified and should be taken with a grain of salt until more concrete evidence emerges.

Aaron Gordon’s previous Relationships

Dakota Gonzalez

Aaron Gordon’s first relationship was with Dakota Gonzalez, a former basketball player and now social media influencer.

His relationship with Dakota Gonzalez was widely reported by various media outlets at the time. Gordon and Dakota were in a relationship since high school and knew each before it. Their relationship lasted for over three years before they separated in 2020.

Despite being relatively private about their relationship, they frequently posted pictures together on social media platforms such as Instagram. The reason for the split between the two has never been properly known but it reportedly stemmed from deepening trust issues.

Izabela Guedes

Guedes is a Brazilian model and Instagram influencer who was previously in a romantic relationship with Gordon. The couple started dating sometime after Gordon’s split with ex lover Dakota in early 2020 and their relationship kicked off to a slow but decent start.

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The story regarding how the couple first met and slowly fell in love has not been widely known. Both routinely posted pictures together giving the fans something to talk about on different occasions.

The reasons behind their split are unclear as both parties have remained tight-lipped about it. However, rumors suggest that the long-distance nature of their relationship might have played a role. While Gordon’s career requires him to travel frequently across different states within the United States, Guedes is based in Brazil and runs her own business there.

Overall, while it cannot be confirmed whether or not Aaron Gordon is involved in a romantic relationship with anyone, let alone reveal any details about potential partners, we can appreciate him as both a talented athlete and dedicated activist striving to make positive changes beyond just the sports world.