Video aaron rodgers comments on jordy nelson

Former Green Bay Packers receiver Jordy Nelson believes the thinly-veiled criticisms of quarterback Aaron Rodgers by past teammates are “comical” and made out of a desire for attention, and he had no reservations about labeling Rodgers as a “great leader” who “does everything right” as a teammate.

Nelson defended Rodgers in a recent interview with Jason Wilde of the Wisconsin State Journal.

“I don’t want to have to be on the phone and defend Aaron. He’s a great leader, we all believe that and believed that and still do,” Nelson said. “He’s hard on people, he demands a lot, but he demands a lot from himself. And I think any great quarterback out there does the same thing.”

Former teammates such as Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley have publicly criticized Rodgers’ leadership ability. The comments have helped flip national perceptions of Rodgers as a teammate and player, leading some talking heads to believe he’s hard to work with and impossible to coach.

“I think it’s comical when I read those comments,” Nelson said.

Criticisms ramped up this past season as the Packers faded from contention. Not only was Rodgers expressive at times towards teammates and visibly frustrated on the field, but his relationship with former coach Mike McCarthy fractured on some level, and the Packers eventually moved on from the long-time coach after a disappointing home loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Meanwhile, Rodgers finished with one of the worst statistical seasons of his decorated career.

Not surprisingly, Jennings and Finley willingly piled on, using the hardships in Green Bay this past season as an invitation to add to the negativity – continuing a cycle they’ve worn out since each left the Packers.

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Now the narrative is set in stone, even if it’s built on the foundation of shaky, tiresome criticisms from two disgruntled ex-teammates.

Nelson wasn’t in the Packers locker room this past season and is one of his closest friends in football. The two stars developed a strong connection, both on and off the field. There might be a bias there, but if anyone would know Rodgers best as a teammate, it’s Nelson, who entered the NFL in 2008, the same year Rodgers became the Packers’ starter.

And Nelson isn’t alone; Julius Peppers, James Jones, Randall Cobb and several other current and former teammates have spoken glowingly about Rodgers and his ability, both as a quarterback and a leader.

The opinions of a few bad apples are spoiling the bunch, or in this case, reality.