AHR Expo

AHR Expo

AHRI’s staff and working groups have organized educational sessions covering topics such as the transition to low-GWP refrigerants, the ongoing implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act Incentives, the VRF test procedure and efficiency rating, supporting healthy buildings through humidity control, adiabatic humidification technologies for decarbonization, and more. Registration for each session will be available here. See details below:

2024 Educational Sessions

Adiabatic Humidification Technologies for Decarbonization

To face the environmental challenges of tomorrow, we must begin decarbonizing our buildings today. However, we must also take recent lessons in healthy indoor environments into consideration. In this presentation, we will explore how humidification and evaporation technologies fit into decarbonization strategies, with a particular focus on energy efficiency benefits that can be unlocked with evaporative technologies. The topic will begin with a brief review of indoor humidity terminology and theory and traditional applications for humidity control and commonly available technologies. We will then review some common drivers of decarbonization and talk about how various humidity control products may fit into decarbonization strategies. For the second half of the presentation, we will discuss evaporative humidification and cooling technologies in greater detail, including examples of direct and indirect evaporative cooling applications. We will conclude with a short overview of the latest in evaporative technologies. Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Humidity control in buildings
  • How decarbonization and humidity control technologies interact
  • Approaches for reducing energy usage with evaporative cooling
  • Modern Evaporative technologies

Speaker: Nicholas Lea, Head of Product and Sales Support, Americas, Condair Ltd.

Supporting Healthy Buildings through Humidity Control

With ASHRAE Standard 241 drawing increased focus towards infectious aerosol controls, healthy indoor environments are a major topic. In addition to ventilation and filtration, humidity control is an important component of healthy indoor environments. Both recent and historical research have demonstrated links between humidity control and the health of building occupants, as well as control of infectious aerosols. This session will explore the links between humidity and health in the school, workplace, and at home, and provide some practical approaches for achieving optimal humidity levels. Topics covered interest building design professionals, professionals involved in building retrofits, building owners, facility managers, and anyone interested in healthy indoor environments.

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Speaker: Nicholas Lea, Head of Product and Sales Support, Americas, Condair Ltd.

Thermal Energy Storage: Current Technologies and Innovations

Attendees will learn about the latest innovations in thermal energy storage and why is it important, especially with the new investment tax credit included in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. The presentation will cover the types of products that are commercialized (i.e., rooftop packaged units, chillers, campus-wide tanks), the economic and carbon-reduction benefits to end-users, as well as the benefits to the grid.

Speakers: Mark MacCracken, Trane Technologies James Marker, Thule Energy Storage Richard Mullen, EVAPCO Boaz Ur, Nostromo Energy Paul Steffes, Steffes Corporation Tom Vega, Baltimore Aircoil Company

VRF Test Procedure and Efficiency Rating Update

Provides a summary of the most notable changes in the new VRF test procedure. There will also be a more in-depth review of the CVP and associated Appendix C and H sections of the standard. This will include a review of definitions, calculations, and other significant requirements to meet the CVP. The budgeting system will also be explained.

Learning Objectives:

An overview of changes to the test procedure for VRF, including:

  • Sensible heat ratio limits
  • Hierarchy of indoor units to be used for tested combination
  • Air-flow control settings under test
  • Controls verification procedure

Speaker:Walt Hunt, Manager, Environmental Research, Daikin Comfort Technologies North America, Inc.

What You Need to Know – A Closer Look at the Ongoing Implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act Incentives

This panel of HVACR and water heating industry representatives and stakeholders will provide the latest rulemaking guidance and information about the ongoing implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) programs, including tax credits and home electric appliance rebate programs important to our industry.

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Speakers:Alex Ayers, Director, Government Affairs, Heating Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI)Eric Hatton, Vice President, Utility and Government Services, EGIABarton James, President and CEO, Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)Samantha Slater, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, AHRICharles R. White, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, PHCC-National Association

What You Need to Know – An Update on the Transition to Low-GWP (or A2L) Refrigerants

This panel of HVAC industry representatives and stakeholders will discuss the latest information about the transition to low-global warming potential (or A2L) refrigerants.

Speakers: Thomas Deary, Director of Codes, AHRI Samantha Slater, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, AHRI Scott Stone, Glencoe Strategies LLC

Cool Credentials: Preparing HVACR Technicians for Low-GWP Refrigerant Changes

Join North American Technician Excellence (NATE) for an informative discussion on the imminent transition to low-global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants and discover how North American Technician Excellence’s (NATE) certification exams empower HVACR technicians to navigate this transformative phase with confidence. We’ll delve into the critical role NATE’s Low-GWP Refrigerants Certification Exam plays in equipping technicians with the essential knowledge and skills required to excel in the field during these changes. Stay ahead of the curve with NATE – these regulatory changes are set to begin taking effect next year! Learn more.

Speaker: John Lanier, President, North American Technician Excellence.