Allen Lazard’s Girlfriend: Is the $5 Million Worth WR Dating Soccer Player Kourtney Leigh Camy?

Allen Lazard is an NFL wide receiver playing for the New York Jets. He predominantly appeared as a No 1 prospect for the Packers during his tenure at Green Bay. Over the years, the youngster has amassed a decent amount of wealth, owing to which his personal life has been an interesting topic among the fans.

Even though his dating history is not much in public, the wideout is currently hanging out with a Soccer star Kourtney Leigh Camey, from his college. The 27-year-old has been a great athlete since his high school and college days.

The wideout broke university records and scripted new ones during his journey toward the NFL. While he was not playing, the Lowa native enjoyed spending time with his girlfriend, Camy.

Is Allen Lazard committed to a serious relationship?

Unlike other athletes playing in the league, the wideout stayed away from the media attention, especially without involving his family members. However, the youngster was spotted with Camey at multiple locations.

She was an active member of the Cyclone soccer squad at Lowa State University and played for two sessions as a freshman. She played defender for the team, receiving all-state honors for her fabulous performance in both seasons.

Apart from sports, Camey was more indulged in social activities during her college days. She organized fundraising events on gofundme to build a school for underprivileged kids in Africa and worked closely with several leadership councils.

Per multiple reports, Camey is deeply involved in the women’s rights movement, vocalizing her support through media channels. Despite being so busy with their respective careers, Lazard and Camey usually found time for their relationship. One could see an exotic collection of vacation pics on Instagram.

  Allen Lazard has been a $44 million disappointment, leaving Jets without a No. 2 WR

How much does Lazard earn from the league?

The wide receiver entered the NFL arena as an undrafted free agent. Despite being a top recruit in college breaking all the existing records, the Jaguars signed him in 2018, only to keep him as a practice squad member.

The same year in December, the wideout made his way into the Packers’ locker room. He made $6,392,048 in salary for four years. Last season he drew an annual paycheck of $3,986,000, showcasing a career-high performance in the NFL.

Along with several brand endorsements and salaries, the net worth of Lazard is estimated at around $5 million. Recently he signed a whopping $44 million contract with the Jets for four seasons. On average, he will make $11 million per year. It will be interesting to see how much his brand value skyrockets in the foreseeable future.