Late Andre Braugher Once Gave Gamers the Hottest Xbox Gaming Deal

Late Andre Braugher Once Gave Gamers the Hottest Xbox Gaming Deal
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The shocking demise of Andre Braugher has left the world heartbroken. A legendary artist whose works were a testament to his monumental personality would surely be remembered forever. While the world mourns the loss of Andre Braugher, the gaming community revisits the days the actor brought the “best Xbox deal” to their table. Well, surely the man has always been a seeker of the extraordinary. From his works to his collaborations, the actor defines quality. So, his collaboration with Xbox was no less than sensational!

The two-time Emmy Award winner is the star of various super-hit TV series. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Homicide: Life on the Street” are two of his most celebrated television features. The actor passed away on Monday due to a brief illness at the age of just 61. It hadn’t been much longer since the internet was left stunned by the demise of another TV superstar Matthew Perry. Thus, it’s been hard for the fans of television lately. But what better to celebrate the legacy the icons have left behind? Here’s us revisiting the days of Andre Braugher gracing his charm to an iconic Xbox deal.

“You must also be humble”: Andre Braugher had some advice for Xbox fans

The gaming community has always admired the collaborations of their favorite TV stars. One such top-tier collaboration involved Andre Braugher with the best next-gen console upgrade deal ever. Well, technically he couldn’t say so! “We COULD call Xbox All Access ‘the HOTTEST’ deal in gaming… but we won’t,” he wrote in the caption.

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Having a hard time recalling the campaign? No worries, this advertisement was for the Xbox console along with Game Pass Ultimate, called the Xbox All Access. Going by the reputation of Microsoft, this promotional campaign was another genius campaign that hailed the deal as the hottest way to upgrade to next-gen consoles. The pitch here was players were offered the ultimate game pass with no upfront cost. However, as the idea of the campaign said, “We’d never say that Xbox All Access is the best way to step into next-gen. It is, but we’d never say so.”

“It’s not enough to be wise, that’s why you must also be humble,” Andre Braugher states in the video. While the words were meant to promote the Xbox deal, they resonate magically with the kind of personality the artist carried in real life. As humble as always!

Of course, the demise of the actor is a huge loss for the entertainment world. But it feels personal for the millions of fans he has connected with through his immortal characters. Courtesy of Microsoft, gaming fans also have a memory to share with the star.

Let us celebrate the stories he left behind and admire his legacy. Gone too soon, Captain Raymond Holt.

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