Anna Kendrick is a multitalented person. She can act, sing, dance, and also happens to be incredibly funny. Anna is known as one of Hollywood’s most relatable celebrities, as she rarely shies away from sharing her true opinions. Her raw and authentic personality is why so many people gravitate towards her, and her social media pages are proof of this.

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Anna is vocal and active on most social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, where she keeps her fans and followers laughing with her hilarious and honest content. Keep reading to see 10 of Anna Kendrick’s most relatable Instagram posts.

10 Sophie Turner And Maisie Williams

Anna proved that she is just like any other fan with this sweet and funny Instagram post. Anna posted a photo from behind-the-scenes of the red carpet at an awards show. The photo is of Game of Thrones stars, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams.

This fangirl moment for Anna was explained in her caption, “Sophie was carrying Maisie’s train down the red carpet and when they introduced themselves to me I made them let me take a photo because my heart couldn’t take how bananas cute it was.”

9 Snapchat Filter

This Instagram photo from Anna is a sort of deception, as she realistically shared this photo of a Snapchat filter that completely alters her actual appearance. The photo shared is a selfie, where Anna clearly used a popular filter from Snapchat, adding dark lipstick, eye makeup, and a nose ring to her look.

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She captioned the photo, “My best self is snapchat mainstream-goth-lite-b*tch” This look actually suits her, but it is comical nonetheless.

8 Baby Goat

This adorable Instagram photo is extremely relatable, as well as incredibly cute. The photo shows Anna holding a tiny baby goat, and the look on her face is telling enough. Anna’s facial expression says enough about how relatable this picture is, as she looks clearly in love with the little animal.

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She captioned the photo funnily, reading, “He followed me home ma! Can I keep him??” Anyone can understand why this photo makes the list of most relatable.

7 Carbs

This cute picture shows Anna in her natural element. The photo is comical because of Anna’s attire, which shows her dressed up in a gorgeous outfit, however, she is still relatable while eating a big bowl of pasta, proving that no matter how glamorous she looks, she is just like us and likes carbs.

She captioned the photo, “I consider carbohydrates sacred and I promise I didn’t let a morsel get anywhere but in my face.”

6 U.S. Open

Anna shared these hilarious paparazzi photos from the U.S. Open she attended in 2019, and her ability to make light of them is truly amazing. The photos show Anna and her Pitch Perfect costar, Brittany Snow, watching the game, with incredibly focused looks on both of their faces.

The funny caption from Anna reads, “We are so concerned.” These photos are incredibly laughable and prove that Anna is as well.

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5 Jury Duty

This star proved that she is just like anyone else with this selfie on Instagram. The photo shows Anna with a soft smile and a cute outfit, but her caption is what makes this photo so amusing.

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Anna was apparently completing jury duty in this photo, with the caption:

“Week three of jury duty face. Can’t decide if my favorite thing about jury duty is the boredom, the feeling I’m about to get yelled at, the mystery puddle outside my assigned courtroom, or how often I get it. JUSTICE IN ACTION”

4 Bruises

Anna shared this simple Instagram photo posing in the mirror. In the mirror selfie, Anna is wearing casual attire, and showing off bruises on her arm.

The bruises are apparently from some type of shot or blood work, however, she made sure to make it clear how unfazed by needles she actually is in the caption for the photo writing, “She’s not afraid of needles, but she bruises like a peach,” using needle and peach emojis.

3 We Don’t Like You

This Instagram photo is probably one of Anna’s funniest, as it shows off her deadpan humor flawlessly. The photo shows Anna posing with an unlikely company, that company being an owl.

The owl next to Anna looks quite angry, and Anna mimicked the owl’s face, staring straight into the camera, looking incredibly unamused. She funnily captioned the photo “We don’t like you,” hitting the vibe of this humorous photo perfectly.

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2 Meme

This photo posted to Anna’s Instagram describes her humor in a nutshell. Anna posted an ad for Barbie dolls. The ad shows a photo of a young girl playing with the dolls with the quote, “When a girl plays with Barbie she imagines everything she can become.”

Anna took to Instagram to share her experience with Barbie dolls, hysterically writing, “When *I* played Barbie, I stripped her naked and melted her with matches.”

1 The Office

Anna shared this photo of a scene from The Office, and funnily related it to her life. She has been the star of many films, and with that, comes press junkets, which she summed up pretty well for herself with this photo.

The photo shows a scene from the show in which Michael Scott says the famous line, “Sometimes I start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.” She summed up her press junket experience with the caption, “#PressJunket”

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