The Little “BTS WORLD” Girl Cried When She Had To Leave BTS, Here’s How They Comforted Her

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BTS makes friends wherever they go, including on the set of BTS WORLD.

V comforting Lee Han Seo on set. | BTS WORLD

BTS began filming for their mobile game in 2017, two years before its release. At the time actress Lee Han Seo was just eight years old. Han Seo played Areum, a girl who befriends Jin, the hotelier in “Another Story.”

Jin (left) and Lee Han Seo (right) | Weverse

During filming, Han Seo got to know her famous co-stars, who took care of her like their own tiny princess.

RM (left) and Lee Han Seo (right) | @hanseo0224/Instagram
Suga (left) and Lee Han Seo (right) | @hanseo0224/Instagram
Lee Han Seo (left) and J-Hope (right) | @hanseo0224/Instagram
Lee Han Seo (left) and Jimin (right) | @hanseo0224/Instagram
V (left) and Lee Han Seo (right) | @hanseo0224/Instagram
Lee Han Seo (left) and Jungkook (right) | @hanseo0224/Instagram

Han Seo was having so much fun with BTS, in fact, that she didn’t want it to end! When it was time to go home, Han Seo burst into tears. V sweetly wiped those tears away, saying, “Han Seo, we need to have a happy goodbye.”

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J-Hope sang, “You can’t cry. Don’t cry,” while Jimin assured her that she could come see them again.

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Han Seo, who has appeared in K-Dramas such as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, Fight for My Way, The Good Witch, and Chocolate, is a true professional, but even professionals get emotional sometimes.

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As the members gathered around her, trying to cheer her up, Jin scolded them. “Han Seo’s crying more because you guys are doing that!” he said, smacking V.

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Jungkook tried a different approach. “Han Seo,” he teased. “You’re going to get 10 penalty points if you keep crying!” (Nobody loved that more than J-Hope!)

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In the end, BTS sent their little friend off with a sweet goodbye and encouraging words. “Han Seo,” V called after her. “oppa cares about you a lot! You can do anything you want to!”

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They’re just too sweet!

Just unlocked the video of the girl who plays Areum crying as she has to leave and the members comforting her my heart 😭💔

— Jess • Jintellectual⁷ 🎣💜✨ (@Jintellectual86) January 18, 2022

Now, five years later, Han Seo is 13 years old! How time flies.

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