Tiger Woods knows how hard it is to be a professional athlete in the limelight. He has done it since a young age and has mostly thrived under most circumstances. Since he has been a public figure for so long, he has had his fair share of trolls coming after him online. One of the ways this is present is in memes created at the expense of the golf legend. Lately, Tiger has given us plenty of things to make fun of him for, as he can seemingly not stay out of the news cycle for very long.

Tiger Woods memes just keep getting better and better, and with his recent arrest during memorial day weekend, the memes were bound to get savage. With all the details of that night out in the open, it would only be right to take a look at the most disrespectful memes anonymous people on the internet created. Jokes about his recent struggles golfing, incidents played out publicly and his personal appearance are all on limits today as we take a look at the most savage memes created about Tiger Woods.

16 15. Making The Cut

Tiger Woods has had a rough couple years when it comes to making the cut for some tournaments. He holds the longest streak for consecutive tournaments in which he made the cut, which stretched to 142. That ended in 2005, and Woods is definitely a shell of his former self. Lately he has struggled mightily and when he does make the cut during events, he barely scrapes by. Has anyone actually tried to use these scissors recently, or do we just all have terrible memories of trying to cut a straight line and have the wavy edges they are supposed to make, but disappointed once you are finished. This is similar to Tiger’s career recently, not only that they barely make cuts, but that Woods is similar to everyone who has ever used these scissors. We think it will be really good and turn out well, but rarely see results we expected or wished.

15 14. Crying Jordan

The Jordan crying meme has surprisingly had a very long shelf life, and it is used perfectly here. By now, everyone is accustomed to the meme being used anytime something bad happens to popular figure, so it’s no surprise we see it here. This was created the day after Woods’ driving incident where he was caught asleep at the wheel with his engine still running. His arrest was made highly public, so it’s no wonder Woods get the crying Jordan treatment here. Even without the incident, this meme can still be used to represent the former stars struggles. Woods has not won a major in nearly nine years and has seen his life spiral ever since 2008. With all the scandals and his free fall from everyone’s good graces, there is plenty of reason to slap on the infamous Jordan face onto Tiger Woods.

14 13. Memorial Day Weekend Transformation

Remember the book series Animorphs? Humans were turning into animals was the premise of the books, but the covers were always amazing. The step by step process showed the transformation, and when you do that to Tiger Woods, you get pictures like this. This shows how memorial day weekend went for Woods, as it probably started off well and took a turn for the worst. The final picture shows Woods’ mugshot after falling asleep at the wheel, and now we can see just how bad Tiger Woods looks right now. It is crazy to see the transformation he has undergone in recent years, as Woods looks absolutely terrible in his mugshot. Seeing the old photos side by side in this meme really brings to light how much Woods’ life has changed.

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12 12. Snapchat Filters

Wouldn’t it be a simpler time if people were photoshopped on to snapchat filters rather than the Jordan crying meme? This seems like it would have so much more possibilities than just a crying face over the athlete. Seeing Woods’ mugshot in a variety of ways is much more humiliating, and way more interesting than simply putting Jordan’s face on it. Here we get to see a variety of different snapchat filters and just how embarrassing each and everyone of them are. If you’ve ever wondered what Tiger Woods would look like as a drunk clown, it is covered through these filters. Hopefully for future mugshots from celebrities they will get this kind of treatment as well.

11 11. Tinder vs. Reality

People lie on Tinder all the time, and if Tiger Woods was on the popular dating app, he would more than likely do the same. Instead of having the most recent pictures of himself, which would include his mugshot and signs of him going bald, they would more than likely show photos that were not taken this decade. While looking at the two photos, you can barely see a resemblance to the Tiger of old vs the one arrested last week. This is often the case on Tinder, as some people choose not to provide recent photos, ultimately deceiving those that they are talking to. Sometimes it’s worth it to take photos on Tinder with a grain of salt, that way you don’t end up expecting the person in the first photo above, and meeting up with someone looking like Tiger Woods.

10 10. Lion Around

Lions are prideful and loyal creatures. I mean, could you imagine Simba cheating on Nala? This is an obvious shot and Tiger’s issues regarding his love life in past years, and does so brutally. In 2009, we all found out the Woods had been somewhat of a player of the golf course, as numerous women came forth and shared their stories about how Tiger was seeing them on the side. This has been seen as the source and the start of the former great’s downward spiral, as he has had little to no success since this became out in the open. Since then, he has seen many issues facing his personal life, but also a serious string of injuries. Maybe lions aren’t as loyal as tigers, but one thing for sure is that this Tiger was not.

9 9. Unknown Child?

Can you imagine an episode of “Maury” with Tiger Woods and Jay-Z trying to figure out why this woman’s children look exactly like them? The similarities between the two children and their celebrity look alikes are outstanding. The fact that someone looked at this photo and instantly thought of the two stars just goes to show how they all look so similar. The caption on this photo is what made this go viral, as it was originally just a mom taking a photo with her two sons that was posted on twitter. Then, it was retweeted with the caption posing the question that this person may have slept with both of the famous icons, and instantly went viral. If this was true, it would be one of the craziest stories of all time, but still one of the most savage captions to an innocent photo posted on twitter.

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8 8. Mac Daddy Santa

This photo of Tiger Woods really happened, and left everyone wondering why. Woods claims it is a tradition for him to dress up as “Mac Daddy Santa” every year, and decided to post the picture. This photo has no business being on the internet, and because of that it was turned into a hilarious amount of memes. One that stands out is this remade cover of “Bad Santa” starring Tiger Woods. This movie would probably be very different starring Woods instead of Billy Bob Thorton, but the cover is much better with “Mac Daddy Santa”. Let us just hope that Woods was kidding about this being a yearly tradition, as I am sure no one wants to see this trend continue.

7 7. New York Daily News

The New York Daily News has never disappointed when it comes to writing headlines about sports figures. Woods was yet other casualty of the newspapers witty writing, poking fun at the misfortune of Woods’ driving incident. This headline is perfect to describe the situation, as Woods was arrested the night before for driving under the influence of prescription meds that reacted wrongly. The Daily News leaves no survivors when it comes to their headlines and athletes, and the reference to Survivor’s hit song “Eye of the Tiger” is just another example of how the publication roasts sports stars. Now Woods joins the ranks of athletes such as Alex Rodriguez, Tom Brady, and Roger Clemens as sports stars who have been absolutely torched by the witty headlines from the newspaper.

6 6. Four Year Difference

This transformation happens to everyone at some point during high school or college. Once an extra hour of sleep because more important than appearance, you start to slowly become the drowsy worn out version of Tiger Woods. Sleeping at the wheel is just like falling asleep in class, except one of them has much harsher consequences. In the photo we can see how Tiger once looked in his younger days, bright and filled with joy, much like those who start school. Since, Tiger has taken a turn for the worse. Not keeping a clean shave and looking half asleep is the telling sign that someone is near finishing school. Woods’ career is near finished as well, as he has not been able to show any signs of being the golfer he once was.

5 5. Time To Switch

These Direct TV commercial are classic, but the internet always seems to take things one step further. That is the case here, as we see the popular line from the commercials talking about Tiger Woods. The point is that Direct TV is supposed to be more superior than others, and that is why we see Woods is in his heyday smiling and holding a tiger. The photo on the right is Tiger Woods without Direct TV, and as you can see it leads to a significantly worse quality of life. Could this be the cause of Woods’ life since 2009? Maybe switching cable companies is the switch that Woods needs in order to get his mojo back. Either way, this picture does a great job at creatively making fun of Woods’ recent life choices.

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4 4. PGA Tour 2k17 Cover

There hasn’t been a Tiger Woods PGA TOUR video game since 2013, but after memorial day weekend, we at least know what the cover will look like if it returns. The meme above might be the worst photoshop ever, but the content is what really shines. Woods is being pulled over on the cover of his own video game by a police officer. Of course, it is only right to have his mugshot plastered onto the cover as well. Tiger Woods PGA Tour has not been on shelves in over four years, and the last time PGA Tour released a video game, it was called Rory McIlroy PGA Tour 2015. Rough times for the former star, but at least we can laugh at a proposed video game cover.

3 3. Hairline Calling It Quits

Any time an athlete’s hairline starts to fade, the internet trolls attack viciously. This has been the case for Woods as he has started balding in recent years. This picture is the most notable evidence of Woods’ declining hairline, and the one that has been used a number of times online. This meme has been used in a variety of captions, including this one, announcing that even his hairline is giving up on him and retiring. It looks like his hairline is giving up on him before Woods gives up on golf, and based on recent play, Woods should be following his hairline and give up soon. Either way, now that Tiger’s head is no longer covered with hair, we have yet another thing to laugh at as he enters the tail end of his career.

2 2. Some Warm Advice

The two greatest golfers of all time have both been victims of terrible mugshots. This the actor Christopher McDonald, who played Shooter McGavin in “Happy Gilmore”. This mugshot came out in late 2013 after a DUI. The twitter account that was made for the character tweeted this picture the morning after Woods’ incident, with some heartfelt words towards Tiger. This is entirely satirical, as it is a way to have people remember McDonald’s mugshot as well as make fun of his character collapsing in the film. The two have equally terrible mugshots, but the fact that this tweet came from the parody Shooter McGavin account takes it to a whole new step. Tiger should be taking this advice wholeheartedly though, because as we know, those who do not listen to what McGavin has to say, will pay.

1 1. Dashcam Confessional

This face, and the memes associated with it was the original “Tiger Woods” meme. This picture has been seen numerous times over the years, but was used to make fun of the dashcam video that was released a day after his arrest. In the dashcam video we see Woods very incoherent, as it was announced that he was sleeping before the officers arrived. The video is a disturbing one, but that does not stop the internet from using it to make fun of an incoherent Woods. During the video, he was unable to take more than a few steps without leaning over and was under no circumstance to drive a vehicle. Using the original meme to make fun of the dashcam video being released was just brutal, but the internet rarely shows forgiveness at athletes failures.