Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ and other major music tours of 2023 to watch out for

Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ and other major music tours of 2023 to watch out for

Music is the universal language of mankind and has a massive socio-cultural impact. The original influencer, popular culture has been shaped by the great musicians who have an extensive hold on the global audience, transcending the barriers of class, caste and race. While music streaming apps like Spotify and Amazon Music capitalise on the popularity of international and local artists, the generation today loves to flaunt their music taste in the form of customised wrap-up lists presented by these platforms. These give rise to online communities hooked on artists or bands and the natural progression from listening to your favourite tracks online is, of course, catching your favourite icons live at concerts. So, let’s have a look at the biggest 2023 music tours.

The allure of a live show and its electrifying effect is indisputable. As the world is recovering from a prolonged pandemic and bleak times, watching our favourite musicians perform on stage is something we look forward to. And 2023 has an amazing lineup of concerts or music tours from renowned artists, including Taylor Swift, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Beyoncé. But before getting to know how, when and where you can catch them, here is a brief background on some of the greatest tours music lovers will never forget.

Best music tours of all time

2023 Concert Tours
The Beatles in Rome during their Italian tour in 1965. Image credit: Carlo Riccardi/WikiCommons

One of the concert tours of all time arguably is The Beatles’ 1965 US tour. They set a high precedent for all the upcoming artists because looking at the throngs of masses going into a tizzy to watch them perform live, John Lennon famously proclaimed in his 1996 interview that The Beatles were “more popular than Jesus”. One cannot mention tours or music festivals without speaking about Michael Jackson, his on-stage swagger, fashion sense and, of course, the moonwalk! Jackson has a record of performing live 123 times in 15 countries.

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“Queen of Pop” Madonna caused a massive stir with her 1987 Who’s That Girl World Tour where the Japanese military was brought in to control the crowd. There were over 25,000 fans who rushed to see her at that time, it is reported.

Jimi Hendrix, too, cannot be left out when speaking about the most iconic music artists with a massive mass appeal. His first United Kingdom tour in 1967 was titled The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and it became a sensation. The magic of him playing the guitar live for an audience was both heady and unmatchable.

Queen, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Tina Turner, Pink Floyd and David Bowie are among other iconic artists and bands who revolutionised the concept of a concert tour with their tremendous clout and popularity around the globe.

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