Dolly Parton Reveals Her Thoughts on Billy Ray Cyrus’ New Fiancée, Firerose

Dolly Parton Reveals Her Thoughts on Billy Ray Cyrus’ New Fiancée, Firerose
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Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife of 30 years and mother of his five kids, Tish Cyrus, filed for divorce last April. Then, in November, Cyrus announced his engagement to Firerose, an Australian singer-songwriter. Their engagement bloomed from a friendship that started on the set of Hannah Montana over a decade ago. It also started several rumors about fights within the family over the seemingly sudden engagement. Recently, Dolly Parton revealed that she was able to meet Billy Ray’s new love interest.

Dolly Parton has loved Billy Ray Cyrus like a brother since they became friends in the 90s. They’re so close, in fact, that Dolly is Miley Cyrus’ godmother. So, it’s important for her to meet the woman who will someday tie the knot with Billy Ray. In a recent interview with US Weekly, Dolly shared her opinion on Firerose.

Dolly Parton’s Opinion on Firerose

During the interview, the subject of Cyrus’ engagement came up. Dolly Parton admitted that she hadn’t spoken to Cyrus since he popped the question. However, they did get a chance to hang out on the set of Dolly’s Christmas movie Mountain Magic Christmas. Firerose was there as well.

“We got a chance to talk a lot and I got to meet his girlfriend,” Dolly Parton recalled. “She seemed like a sweet girl.” So, it seems that Dolly approves.

Dolly Parton couldn’t move on in the conversation without gushing a little over some of her favorite people. “I love Billy Ray like I love Miley,” she said. “They’re family. He’s like a brother to me and she’s like a daughter.”

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Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose’s Love Story

Last year, Cyrus and Firerose opened up about how their relationship started. They first met over a decade ago. Billy Ray was in Los Angeles working on Hannah Montana. One afternoon, he was taking a break and letting his German shepherd do his business near some trees on the lot. That’s when he saw Firerose for the first time. He immediately knew the then-22-year-old was a star. He didn’t know they’d one day be in love.

The two kept in touch after they met. In 2021, they started writing songs together. Then, after Billy Ray and Tish finalized their divorce, he asked Firerose to be “more than friends” and she said yes. Later that year, she moved in with Billy Ray and they got engaged shortly before his mother passed away.

“For everything that’s good, there’s always been something equally as bad… Finding Firerose and getting engaged and then losing my mom a few weeks later – see? The teeter-totter will not stay in the middle. But, having someone to ride it out with now – that’s giving me a little more balance,” Cyrus said.