2024 BMW M8

2024 BMW M8
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Large, powerful, luxury coupes stand at the top of the lineup for many European car brands. And for good reason: They deliver the speed, style, and exclusivity buyers desire in this class. To be sure, the 2024 BMW M8 is a strikingly handsome and devastatingly quick large coupe. Based on the BMW 8 Series, our Imola Red two-door M8 test car caught stares from folks on the street and compliments from just about everyone we met. It was clear to all that this is a special car. And for some, the coolest part is that the M8 still looks so understated. Yes, there are clues to its performance, but in general, this ultra-quick BMW doesn’t look substantially different from the much less expensive 840i. And for those who appreciate stealth speed, that’s not a bad thing.

Behind the M8’s grille sits a twin-turbocharged V8 delivering 617 horsepower through an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. Few cars can match the M8 in pure accelerative force. Some testers have clocked these cars to 60 mph in well under 3 seconds. That’s supercar territory. But the M8 isn’t one-dimensional. It delivers hefty thrust at just about any speed. Need to merge onto the freeway right now? The M8 is at freeway speed before your brain can process what just happened. It’s quite a lot of fun.

Inside, the sport seats feel expensive and hug you in all the right places. And generally, the M8’s interior is dressed in rich materials and is a lovely place to spend time. Take the M8 deep into canyon country, and you’ll be rewarded with handling that’s on par with far sportier-looking cars. Part of that comes from the BMW’s incredible grip and very accurate steering precision, which makes taking this large and heavy coupe through a corner easy. Like other performance BMWs, this one lets drivers configure drive modes to their liking, accessed by two red buttons on the steering wheel labeled M1 and M2. We typically set one to “Jekyll” and the other to “Hyde” so that at the push of a button, the M8 is ready for a raucous backroad drive or a ho-hum trip to Whole Foods.

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The M8’s good qualities are overflowing. However, a few things could use some improvement. The ride quality is firm. And some may find the stiff springs and dampers a bit much. So if you are looking for a coupe that rides a bit smoother, both the 840i and the 850i xDrive offer more supple suspensions. The two-door coupe we spent time in had a rear seat that was too small for adults. The good news is that the M8 also comes in Gran Coupe form with a longer body and four doors.

The M8 comes in three body styles: a coupe, convertible, and — unlike the Mercedes-Benz SL and Porsche 911 — a four-door coupe with a longer wheelbase for added legroom. But no matter which model M8 you select, the BMW is a brilliantly quick machine with sharp moves and a sophisticated persona.