The 6 most shocking moments from ‘Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom’ doc

Video britney spears the price of freedom documentary

The latest Britney Spears documentary has left many fans shocked by its depiction of the Princess of Pop’s post-conservatorship life.

“TMZ Investigates: Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom,” which aired Monday on Fox, made startling claims, from the “Toxic” singer, 41, drinking coffee and energy drinks “by the gallons” to staying awake for multiple days at a time after binge-sleeping.

While the TV special featured videos posted to Spears’ social media accounts since she was freed from her 13-year conservatorship in November 2021, she did not speak to the outlet’s allegations.

“Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom” made shocking claims about the singer.
TMZ’s documentary aired Monday. Fox
Her husband, Sam Asghari, has slammed the TV special. @britneyspears/ Instagram

Her husband, Sam Asghari, however, took to Instagram Sunday to slam TMZ ahead of the “absolutely disgusting” release.

“Don’t believe what you read online,” the actor, 29, said, claiming that his wife was “under a microscope” for “clickbait.”

Keep scrolling for a breakdown of the six most shocking moments from “Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom.”

Life of isolation

The Grammy winner allegedly lives an “isolated” life. Fox

Spears spends most of her time “at home by herself,” TMZ executive producer Charles Latibeaudiere alleged in the doc, adding that she “lives in virtual isolation.”

News director Brad Appleton chimed in, “Sometimes she’ll drive to a quiet dirt path, park and just kind of meditate.”

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As for TMZ producer Katie Hayes, she noted, “She hangs out at her pool because she loves to tan. She works out in her gym, and she dances wildly and a lot.”

Caffeine kicks

The outlet claimed she drinks “gallons” of caffeinated drinks. Fox

Later in the documentary, the site’s founder, Harvey Levin, credited multiple sources with saying that Spears “drinks coffee, Red Bull, Celsius and dandelion tea by the gallons, and that contributes to her manic episodes.”

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The “Hold Me Closer” vocalist clapped back at those claims when they made headlines prior to the special airing.

“My mind gets busy and sometimes that can be an easy target to mess with,” she wrote via Instagram, clarifying that she “can’t even look at coffee” and drinks watermelon juice instead.

Wide awake

Spears is reportedly a “binge sleeper.” Fox

One of TMZ’s sources considers Spears a “binge sleeper,” according to managing editor Fabian Garcia.

“She sleeps a lot,” he alleged. “Sometimes she’ll sleep for days. … She’ll sleep for three days, and then she won’t sleep at all for the next few.”

Garcia added that when she is awake, “Britney loves books” and “reads a lot, mostly fiction.”

No knives

The doc also touched on Spears’ alleged “fascination with knives.” Fox

Levin claimed that one “recommendation at the end of the conservatorship” was to “keep knives away from Britney,” alleging that multiple sources have shared her “fascination with knives.”

He explained, “We’re told she’s in mortal fear someone will come in the middle of the night, strap her to a gurney and take her to a psych ward. As one source put it, she lives in constant fear of being reinstitutionalized.”

When the superstar’s sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, accused Britney in her January 2022 “Things I Should Have Said” memoir of locking them in a room together while brandishing a knife, Britney denied the instance ever having taken place.

Marriage troubles

The pop star and Asghari’s marriage is reportedly in “deep trouble.” Fox

Additionally, the documentary accuses Britney of getting “physical with Sam” on “more than one” occasion, with Levin claiming the couple’s “volatile … marriage is on the rocks” nearly one year after their wedding.

Garcia added, “He’s a big guy and we’re told pretty passive, so he just takes it, so he does get angry, and screaming matches are not infrequent.”

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Asghari “doesn’t stay at her home much these days,” Latibeaudiere went on to tell viewers of the former fitness model, who started dating Britney in late 2016 after meeting on the set of her “Slumber Party” music video.

Separate from her sons

Page Six can confirm Spears hasn’t seen her sons since last year. Fox

Britney shares sons Sean Preston, 17, and Jayden, 16, with her ex-husband Kevin Federline — but she has not seen the teenagers “in well over a year,” according to Hayes.

Page Six confirmed Monday that the last time the performer saw her children was “at the very beginning of 2022” before her and Asghari’s June wedding.

“The kids have been with Kevin full-time for a long time,” Latibeaudiere added. “Our sources say recently, there have been occasional texts between Britney and the kids. So maybe the ice is thawing a bit.”