Which Kim Kardashian look do you prefer – brunette or blonde?

Which Kim Kardashian look do you prefer – brunette or blonde?

Kim Kardashian’s sudden hairstyle changes challenge expert guides or tutorials which state you should choose hair tone according to skin type or features. Kanye West’s wife has great experience rocking – with style – different hair color trends. She has coloured her luscious locks a variety of shades – from the darkest to the most platinum or neon tones of the color palette.

Kim goes smoothly from the long XL to the most classic bob cut, and the same goes for the shade. This is why her chameleon mane has become one of her most prominent personal labels. We have seen her in jet black, honey blonde, platinum blonde, neon, and light brown, but which do you prefer: a brunette or a blonde Kim?

During the last few months, the famous businesswoman has remained faithful to the dark brown shades, but on social media she has recently been urged by her stylist, Chris Appleton, to return to the blonde and the celeb seems to be willing to consider it. Will she do it for fall?


Kim Kardashian’s stylist, Chris Appleton, posted a picture of Kim when she was blonde to ask her to change her hair color again

Chris wrote on his social media: “Guys, it’s that time of year for a hair change. Should we bring the blonde back with Kim Kardashian?” She replied: “I miss this hair a lot! What do we do?” “Let’s change it,” Chris said.

This tone is a contrast to Kim’s natural hair color and it contrasts boldly with her tanned skin, but Kim knows how to wear it extra-long and wavy, or in an extremely straight long bob. The first time she surprised with blonde was in 2013, and she did it again in Paris Fashion Week two years later, with a platinum shade, and between late 2017 and early 2018 with an almost white, extra-long wavy mane.

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During 2015 Fashion Week, the entrepreneur surprised her followers by going blonde for the second time

Platinum shades are usually recommended for people with light skin and eyes, but Kim certainly carries it off and her followers are interested in seeing her blonde again. On the other hand, many hairstyle experts consider that Kim suits brunette best, as the shade enhances her features and skin tone. Brunette is of course, her go-to hair shade.

A look at the mom-of-four’s style files shows she is well versed is knowing how to mix up her fashion when she switches hair tones. When she decides on blonde, for example, she changes her look from head to toe: she wears nude, pink, or gray clothes and she also changes to lighter makeup palettes.

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Kim’s success when showing off any hair tone is knowing how to transform her entire look, from head to toe

When rocking dark tones she goes for more dramatic makeup and dark, neon, or glittered clothes more freely.

Ultimately, Kim’s penchant for extreme changes causes her fans to follow and copy her looks. She is certainly not afraid to experiment! So, do you prefer her brunette or blonde?