What Is Bruno Mars’s Real Name?

What Is Bruno Mars’s Real Name?
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Bruno Mars is a name that has resonated with music lovers across the globe for over a decade. With his dynamic stage presence, infectious melodies, and versatile musical style, he has solidified his position as one of the most prominent artists of our time. But behind the stage name “Bruno Mars” lies a fascinating story about his true identity and the origins of his birth name.

While the world knows him as Bruno Mars, the Hawaiian-born singer-songwriter’s true name is Peter Gene Hernandez, named after his father. Bruno’s father, Peter Hernandez is of Puerto Rican and Jewish descent. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. In his early years, he pursued a career in entertainment, performing as a percussionist and making a living by playing music in various venues.

Bruno Mars And His Dad Peter Hernandez

During his time as a musician, Peter Hernandez met Bernadette San Pedro Bayot, a hula dancer and singer of Filipino and Spanish ancestry. The couple eventually settled in Honolulu, Hawaii, where their son Peter Gene Hernandez, also known as Bruno Mars, was born on October 8, 1985.

Peter Hernandez’s influence on his son’s musical journey is evident. Growing up in a musical household, young Bruno Mars was exposed to a diverse range of genres and instruments, sparking his passion for music from an early age. Peter Hernandez played a significant role in nurturing his son’s talents and supporting his artistic pursuits.

Now, while Bruno Mars is widely known by his stage name, the story of how he acquired it is quite interesting. The origin of his stage name can be traced back to his childhood and his striking resemblance to a professional wrestler named Bruno Sammartino. Because Peter was a chubby and energetic kid, his father often referred to him as “Bruno” due to his likeness to the wrestler & the name Bruno stuck, and eventually, it became a nickname used by his friends and family.

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Bruno Mars With Bruno Sammartino

The inclusion of “Mars” in Bruno Mars’ stage name was a deliberate choice made by Peter, the man behind the persona. The choice of “Mars” was added because he felt like his name had no pizzazz and girls always told him he was out of this world, so he was like, “I guess I’m from Mars”. Furthermore, the decision to adopt his stage name was also driven by a desire to “break free from stereotypes” that the music industry often imposes on artists of Latin descent, attempting to confine them within a specific genre or category.