An ARMY Goes Viral After Wanting To Have A Boxing Match With BTS’s Jungkook, And Here’s How The Members Reacted

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When it comes to ARMYs, there is no doubt that they are all extremely creative, and it isn’t surprising considering that the members of BTS are exactly the same.

Recently, the creativity was on show after a fan went viral online for a hilarious sign shown during the group’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS shows.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

In the past, the youngest member Jungkook has gained attention for his talent in boxing. During the past few months, the idol has shared videos of himself practicing boxing, and it drove the internet crazy!

| @jungkook.97/ Instagram
| @jungkook.97/ Instagram

Even the members shared how impressed they were in the comments, with V even saying, “Let’s do some sparring soon,” and it seemed like he wanted to practice his own skills on Jungkook… J-Hope was a bit concerned, replying, “Will you be fine? Hahahahahaha.” Still, Jungkook is never one to back away from a challenge!

| @jungkook.97/ Instagram

Yet, if J-Hope wanted to warn V against it, it was too late as Jungkook replied to the thread with, “Come on in (and let’s fight).”

| @jungkook.97/ Instagram

Well, the running story of Jungkook’s boxing is well-loved by ARMYs, and it seems like there is no chance of them forgetting about it any time soon. One ARMY even used it to catch the attention of BTS during the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE show with her sign.

While the members were chatting, the camera panned onto one ARMY who had a sign saying, “JK! let’s have a boxing match.“

| @kichanarmy/ TikTok

When the sign was shown on the screen, it seemed to catch the attention of ARMYs and the members. If the sign itself was truly iconic, then the members’ reactions were even funnier. When J-Hope first pointed out the sign to Jimin, the duo instantly burst into fits of laughter…

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| @kichanarmy/ TikTok

They even pretended to do some boxing themselves!

| @kichanarmy/ TikTok

Jin was the next member to see the sign. Considering he was standing right next to Jungkook, it wasn’t surprising that Jin also found it hilarious.

| @kichanarmy/ TikTok

When a fan shared a video of the moment on TikTok, it quickly took the internet by storm, being viewed over 1.2 million times in less than 24 hours. Netizens couldn’t get over the reactions and praised the ARMY for the creativity and that it was respectful.

Yet, they weren’t the only ARMY that went viral after trying to catch the attention of Jungkook.

A fan showed a sign asking Jungkook to show his abs during the first show. Instead of being shy or pretending he didn’t see it, Jungkook answered the fan’s request and gave the crowds a glimpse of his physique not once…. But twice.

| @joontro94/ Twitter

With both BTS and ARMYs being so creative, it isn’t surprising that their bond is so strong. It might not be the best to ask Jungkook for a boxing match, but it was the thought that fans appreciated.

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