Watch: When BTS' V Got Into A Fierce Argument With South Korean Actor Jung Yu-Mi While Filming In Mexico, On Sensational Saturday

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BTS V’s Fierce Argument With South Korean Actor Jung Yu-Mi: V aka Taehyung, a member of the renowned South Korean septet BTS, was once embroiled in a major argument while on the set of a talk show titled ‘Seokjin’s (Jinny’s) Kitchen’ in the Spanish-speaking country, Mexico.

During the shooting of the show, South Korean actor, Lee Seo Jin, disclosed that Taehyung got into a disagreement with actress Jung Yu-mi during the recording. The incident led to V becoming upset and raising his voice at Jung Yu-mi while they were eating ramen.

However, after resolving the misunderstanding, the popstar were in good spirits, and V’s reaction was attributed to the intense stress that came with filming the episode of ‘Seokjin’s.’

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Later, before the show’s release, the cast members and restaurant staff gathered for an episode of ‘Game Caterers,’ a South Korean variety show, to share some behind-the-scenes anecdotes from ‘Seokjin’s (Jinny’s) Kitchen.’

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During the show, the cast members were tasked with introducing their roles at the restaurant and discussing any challenges they had encountered. Lee Seo Jin, being the first to share, jokingly mentioned two troublesome employees. He spoke of one worker who forgot about her higher position and another employee who seemed to forget the primary purpose of being there for work.

Jung Yu-mi then went on to explain, “I usually don’t take out frustrations on these friends (fellow employees) but they all each took out their frustrations on me.” She continued to share, “But Taehyung, it was his first time on the show but he talked to me a lot and gave me a lot of strength.” Lee Seo Jin refuted, “Taehyung’s the one who got the angriest at you. What are you talking about?!”

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Continuing with the story, V explained, “After dinner, Yoo Mi Nuna and I decided to have some ramen. Seo Joon Hyung cooked three bags for us, but then Yoo Mi Nuna had just one bite and claimed she was too full.” Lee Seo Jin chimed in, “That’s when Taehyung said, ‘You’re really going to do this to me?'” The playful banter brought laughter to everyone present.

Jung Yu-mi defended herself and explained, “At first I thought I could eat it. But as soon as I took a bite, the food was up to here,” and pointed to her neck. Lee Seo Jin shared, “So Taehyung ate two bags of noodles by himself. And gave up saying he can’t eat anymore.”

When asked by Producer Na about his frequent ramen dinners, V playfully responded, “Working at the restaurant was quite challenging, so I needed some stress relief.” Lee Seo Jin chimed in, saying, “It was fascinating to see him eat ramen every night like that.” V clarified, “”Well food tastes good when you’re together with everyone.”