Denver Broncos: Why they should be interested in Cam Newton

Denver Broncos: Why they should be interested in Cam Newton
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Cam Newton has entered the free agent pool. Should the Denver Broncos be the next team that takes a chance on the former league MVP?

The quarterback room for the Denver Broncos has been a revolving door since Peyton Manning drove off into the sunset for retirement. While the possibility of new free agent Cam Newton to Denver is very unlikely it is an interesting idea to discuss. Newton would give the Broncos solid depth at a position with the recent release of Brett Rypien (who may return to Practice Squad).

The other is one of the biggest points of emphasis with Newton and potential ties to Denver.

His former Offensive Coordinator in Carolina, Mike Shula, is the Quarterbacks Coach here in Denver. While it is not clear if new OC Pat Shurmur is on board with the idea of Newton, Shula very well might be. Newton’s most productive years came in Carolina from 2012-2016 and Shula was with the Panthers from the day the team drafted Newton first overall.

The idea of Newton certainly helps him out with the number of playmakers he’d have at his disposal. This of course is if Newton comes in here and is a starter at any point. Which would not happen for a while due to former Panthers quarterback Teddy Bridgewater being named the starter last week.

The other question is, what happens with Drew Lock? In this type of scenario, Lock may not be in Denver for long if they sign Cam Newton.

Newton could greatly benefit from the personnel in Denver, especially at tight end. Denver would have two dynamic playmaking tight ends in Noah Fant and Albert Okwuegbunam that Newton would feast with if he is in Denver and eventually named a starter.

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During his time with Carolina Panthers, Newton’s favorite target is one of the better tight ends of the last handful of seasons: Greg Olsen. This was in large part due to no true number one wide receiver. Something the Broncos also have in this offense. Newton would have two big-bodied wide receivers Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick. He would also have two elusive and exceptional route runners in Jerry Jeudy and KJ Hamler.

Hamler also allows Newton the opportunity to have a burner who can take the top off a defense.

In my honest opinion, Cam Newton doesn’t make a ton of sense for the Denver Broncos in their current setup. The Broncos QB room already involves Lock with one year left on a deal where we have no idea how he will respond with a bridge quarterback in the room or if he will be a bridge quarterback himself.

The jury is still out on Lock, but the potential could be enough to see what’s there down the line again. The other is Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater became the starter after an impressive and efficient preseason that saw him outperform Lock. He was also already named the starting quarterback for week one.

So if Newton came to Denver he’d have to beat Bridgewater at some point, but he could also be an injury or COVID replacement at some point. It does not matter who the quarterback is, it is a tall order for him to come in, learn a system with new players, and build that relationship. One way or another, Newton gives you another option in the QB room that would be an upgrade over what you previously had in Brett Rypien.

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If I am Cam Newton I’m waiting this out until next off-season and finding a job then. However, he should always be ready in case a team like Denver calls.