Celine Dion's health deteriorates; Reports suggest the singer has 'difficulty walking'

Celine Dion recently announced that she would, unfortunately, have to cancel all her shows for the upcoming world tour. Dion did not make it to the premiere of ‘Love Again,’ making fans worry if the singer’s condition is worse than they first assumed. Celine was first diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome last December, which has complicated her daily life.

Celine Dion’s health complications

Reports have suggested that the reason Celine was absent at her new movie’s premiere was because of persistent health issues. The premiere of Priyanka Chopra and Sam Heughan’s starrer ‘Love Again’ took place earlier this month, but Celine, who plays Sam’s love guru in the movie, was not able to make it. An insider revealed that Celine’s condition had worsened as far as her not being able to walk. They revealed, “It’s been a difficult time for her. She’s having difficulty walking and experiences periods of intense pain that come out of nowhere.”

The source disclosed that the star’s condition was worse than her fans had expected, and she had to cancel her world tour in order to cope.

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Celine is holding out hope

The source revealed how drastically Celine’s condition had changed; they explained, “Celine is keeping her condition private at the moment, but her life has changed drastically. She sees specialists like a neurologist, a holistic practitioner, and occupational and physical therapists.” They added, “Still, she is holding out hope that she can beat the odds.”

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The insider told RadarOnline that Celine was doing yoga and physical therapy in hopes of getting well and performing on stage next year. They continued, “She’s refusing to accept defeat. She needs to accept the treatment. And lots of R&R.”

The source concluded, “She’s going to fight this with everything she’s got. She just wants to sing live in front of an audience again. She’s determined to perform on stage. It’s sad that her illness is preventing her from doing the thing she loves most. Knowing Celine, she will perform again very soon.”

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