‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Chris Meloni Thinks Marjorie Taylor Greene Is a Cow

“Law & Order” star Chris Meloni is no stranger to having fun on X/Twitter. This time around he’s set his sights on the often controversial and always troubling Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who spent time at the Iowa State Fair this weekend on behalf of Donald Trump. After Green posted a photo of herself smiling in front of the “world-famous Iowa butter cow,” Meloni replied, “Right, but what’s in the glass case behind you.”

No word on whether or not Greene is still with us, or if she disintegrated into a buttery mess.

X wasted no time in reveling in the exchange by way of reaction GIFs, photos and plenty of references to crime — responses to Meloni’s post were overwhelmingly positive. Attorney Guy Hamilton-Smith simply tweeted, “Officer I would like to report a murder.”

New York licensed private investigator and polygraph examiner Lisa Ribacoff quipped, “I see no crime here.” If she says it’s OK, then it’s OK… right?

A handful of X users rose to Greene’s defense, with one user noting that they understood not liking her politics, but didn’t agree with the apparent shot at Greene’s appearance. Another defender described Meloni as a “smug liberal a-hole” who was “talking down to a woman.” Even one user on Meloni’s side confessed that this was “petty.”

It was also pointed out online that Sen. Ted Cruz made his own infamous social media post with the state fair butter cow, which led to a world of mockery during his run for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. This also isn’t Greene’s first time posing with the butter cow — she was spotted supporting Trump for the 2024 campaign in front of the butter cow back in 2021 as well.

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Greene has yet to respond to the jab, but that could be because she’s too busy concocting yet another antisemitic conspiracy theory or making up stories about pedophilia in the Democratic Party. Whatever terrible thing she’s coming up with next, something tells us Meloni is enjoying his Twitter replies right now.