Christina Aguilera Reveals What Fans Can Expect From ‘La Luz’ At Latin Music Week

Christina Aguilera Reveals What Fans Can Expect From ‘La Luz’ At Latin Music Week

To cap off day two of Billboard Latin Music Week in Miami on Sept. 27, superstar Christina Aguilera threw an epic Premiere Party during which she discussed her Spanish-language project AGUILERA and the three EPs that feed into it, with the third and final being the upcoming La Luz.

Before playing tunes new and old, she discussed her long-awaited return to Latin music. Having released her first Spanish-language album, Mi Reflejo, back in 2000, Aguilera kicked off 2022 with the release of La Fuerza, the first EP in the trilogy. She spoke about wanting to come back strong, aptly choosing “The Strength” as the project’s title.

La Tormenta followed and soon she will gift fans with the final installment La Luz, which she has since said is one of her most personal projects to date. During the event, Xtina played and spoke about one song off each EP, including her epic ranchera “La Reina,” the girl-powered “Pa Mis Muchachas,” and her upcoming new song “No Es Que Te Extrañe.” While discussing the as-yet-unreleased track and music video for the first time, she said while tearing up that it is the most personal video she will ever make — “ever again.”

Below are the five of the most powerful quotes about her new track and its visual:

“I wanted to keep it open ended … it deals with an estranged or a difficult relationship you may have had with someone you were close with, a loved one. For me, it does touch on some experiences I had growing up, the environment around me, inside the home and outside of the home. I witnessed a lot of various forms of abuse and whatnot, but I think that, and now having children of my own, I didn’t want it to be about blaming. I don’t want to vilify anyone.”

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“My point and my purpose is to tell a story that others can relate to and feel empowered by and find forgiveness for themselves and those that have hurt us. I think that’s a really important thing we all have to go through. This was my effort in putting the puzzle together.”

“I think it’s important to let go of things that hurt us so badly that we end up being held prisoner by them. So this is a song about that, it’s about forgiving and sort of wondering about someone that may have hurt you — but understanding that they might have a story as well, they might have things that led to certain choices. And as difficult as they concept is for so many I think it’s important to recognize that.”

“It’s important to come full circle and make peace for yourself so that you can be the healthiest and the strongest you can be for yourself, and also for my children. Things are cyclical and I think it’s important to be aware and to share, but to also work on yourself and push forward towards peace.”

“I do a spoken intro about finding closure and understanding that everybody has a different story that leads us to why things happen the way that they do and it’s not meant for us to get it to understand it. We have the right to feel how we feel, and then I think it’s important to move on from it and choose to move forward into the light. That’s what La Luz is about.”

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