Forget WAGs – it’s all about the MUMS! As David Beckham’s mother says she feared he would ‘lose everything’ over relationship with Victoria, FEMAIL reveals how player’s parents have been their biggest supporters

Forget WAGs – it’s all about the MUMS! As David Beckham’s mother says she feared he would ‘lose everything’ over relationship with Victoria, FEMAIL reveals how player’s parents have been their biggest supporters

Footballers have long attracted attention for their glamorous counterparts- whether it’s because they’re wrapped in a WAG legal battle or famous in their own right.

But long goes the saying mothers know best, and from the sidelines, it is the players’ mothers that have supported their children from the get-go, guiding the young stars as they navigate the quick rise to global stardom.

In the past two weeks alone, a number of parents have demonstrated that a mother’s love is often the fiercest.

From Harry Maguire’s mother defending her son’s honour since repeated instances of ‘bullying’, to Sandra West, David Beckham’s mother publicly sharing her apprehension over Victoria Beckham in the early days of their relationship.

Here, FEMAIL reveals how footballer’s parents have been their biggest supporters right from the get-go.

David Beckham

Former Manchester United and Real Madrid winger, David Beckham, 48, has publicly declared his adoration for his mother, Sandra West, since the get-go. As an active Instagram user, the father-of-four regularly shares posts with his mother, whether it’s birthday tributes or the pair enjoying a homecooked meal together.

The British sweetheart owes much of his fame to his other half, Victoria, 49. Beckham and Victoria became a brand where they gained lucrative contracts with clothing designers, health and fitness specialists, fashion magazines, and perfume and cosmetics manufacturers. The power couple, who have four children Brooklyn, 24, Romeo, 21, Cruz, 18, and Harper, 12, have accumulated an estimated net worth of £380million.

But before David knew that Posh was the one, it was his mother, Sandra, that looked out for him.

In a teaser trailer for the footballer’s Netflix documentary, Sandra, 74, revealed that she feared her son would ‘lose everything’ when he began dating Victoria. In the two-minute clip shown ahead of the show launch Sandra speaks about the start of Beckham’s romance with Victoria back in 1997.

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David’s mother admitted she was worried he would get side-tracked from his career at Manchester United when Victoria, who was part of the UK’s biggest girl group the Spice Girls, came onto the scene.

Sandra said: ‘We’d were worried he would lose everything he worked for because football had always come first and then all of a sudden it wasn’t.’

Gabriel Jesus

Brazilian forward, Gabriel Jesus, is esteemed for his handy footwork on the field. But fans acquainted with Jesus on the pitch will recognise him for his trademark ‘phone celebration’. The novelty gesture might seem like a spare of the moment celebratory move, but the Arsenal forward is paying homage to his mother.

If one player recognises the colossal impact of a mother’s love, it’s Jesus, and the story behind his trademark move shows just that.

The celebration, which Jesus also has tattooed on his skin, was first produced after he scored for the Brazilian national team in a 2-0 win over Venezuela. His mother Vera had rung him prior to the match, concerned about the pressure that being placed upon her son in the absence of key player Neymar.

But despite his mother’s worry, Jesus had no such concerns and took to the match with aplomb, scoring a spectacular effort and sealing with the now famous phone celebration.

Gabriel later explained: ‘It was a joke with my friends, a ‘hello, mother’. My friends know why. My mother knows too. It was a celebration for them.’

And now the youngster has immortalised his mother’s gesture with ink upon his body, in a tattoo which pays tribute to his mother. Taking to social media platform Instagram Gabriel shared a snap of the fresh tatt, along with the caption ‘Alo Mae’ – translating to ‘Hello Mother.’ The design features Gabriel’s phone symbol hand gesture which he first produced after scoring for the Brazilian national team while his mother sat on the other end of the line fraught with care.

  David Beckham

Harry Maguire

As a centre back for Manchester United and England’s national team, it’s safe to say Maguire, 30, has enjoyed a stellar career. Maguire’s home life has been full of joy too, the footballer married his childhood sweetheart after dating for 10 years since 2011. The couple welcomed their first child together in 2019 before introducing their second baby girl just one year later.

But despite his clear football finesse, it’s not all positivity for Harry while he’s on the pitch. Maguire has consistently dealt with cruel nicknames and spiteful chants while playing the sport.

Last year, footballer Ashley Cole compared Harry’s reception with fans to ‘borderline bullying’. Though, The Aston Villa full-back insisted that Harry could ‘deal with it’ as he has a ‘strong character’.

One year later, and the ‘borderline bullying’ has failed to cease. Earlier this week, fans hounded Maguire when he scored an own goal in England’s 3-1 win in Hampden Park after coming on as a half-time substitute. But the player was mocked by Scotland fans even before he made the mistake.

While Fern stood silent from the sidelines, it was Harry’s mother, Zoe that fiercely defended her son and blasted the ‘disgraceful’ treatment.

Zoe took to Instagram to respond to the ‘abuse’ that her son had received. She wrote: ‘As a mum seeing the level of negative and abusive comments in which my son is receiving from some fans, pundits and media is disgraceful and totally unacceptable to any walk of life never mind someone who works his socks off for his club and country.’

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She concluded: ‘Harry has a massive heart and it’s a good job he’s mentally strong and can handle it as others may not be able to. I wish this sort of abuse on nobody!’

Sofiane Boufal

For those less familiar with football, the name Sofiane Boufal might not ring a bell. The professional footballer, 30, plays as a winger for Qatar Stars League club Al-Rayyan. But it was when he played for his national team of Morocco during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, that he, alongside his mother, captured the hearts of football fans across the globe.

In a surprising victory against Portugal, Morocco became the first African nation to reach the semi-finals of the world cup. The result saw Cristiano Ronaldo leaving the pitch in tears, but elsewhere, the landmark victory was a history altering moment, changing the trajectory of football for African nations.

When the final whistle blew marking Sofiane Boufal and his teammates victory, it was Boufal’s mother that took to the pitch to celebrate the win.

In a glorious moment that caught the attention of viewers across the globe, the mother and son were seen waving their arms in celebration before he grabbed her hands and started dancing with her to the music being played out in the stadium.

Whether supporting Morocco or not, Boufal’s show of love and pride for her son was an unforgettable moment for viewers.