Designer Mindy Lam created brooches for DWTS judge Derek Hough

Derek Hough’s incredible journey at ABC’s Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) began back in 2007. He was employed as a professional dancer on the show from 07 to 2016 and was then seen on the show as a judge, starting from Dancing with the Stars Season 29.

Now in season 32, Derek has become a familiar face for fans who have been left impressed with his fashion sense as well. Hough has been seen regularly sporting a range of fashionable outfits that have generally included intricate and beautiful lapel pins and brooches as well.

It has recently emerged that the accessories that he sports on the show have been created by noted designer Mindy Lam, who has a track record of working with a range of reality TV stars.

DWTS Judge Derek Hough’s brooches are created by designer Mindy Lam

Hailing from Utah, Derek Hough regularly sports a range of beautiful lapel pins and brooches on his clothes. He is not merely an appreciator of the accessories and seems to be obsessed with considering how many times he has been spotted sporting them. Regardless, according to recent reports, they are all designed singularly by Mindy Lam, who is known to have a plethora of high-profile clients in addition to Derek Hough.

It seems as if Mindy was also involved with Hough for his wedding outfit. Even his look on his wedding day was not complete without a custom brooch adorned with a golden dove and a pearl blossom. Derek had later claimed that the outfit was complete with the brooch and perfectly captured what he felt for his wife Hayley Erbert.

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Lam Mindy herself has had an incredible journey as a designer and initially was known to be working for fashion publications such as Glamour. However, her love and talent for designing jewelry was always obvious as she continued to work through a kidney scare that she suffered in 2010.

Derek himself might never have stated that he is a fan of the designer’s work. However, he has been seen wearing brooches and lapel pins created by Mindy Lam for years, right from around the first time he appeared on Dancing with the Stars. The exposure on reality TV and word of mouth also seems to be a positive for Lam’s business, which has reportedly won a range of high-profile clients since working with Derek Hough.

Specializing in Chinese-American jewelry, Mindy and the DWTS judge appear to have become close friends as well. She was seen sharing a news article about Derek and Hayley’s wedding on Instagram and regularly shares pictures of other celebrities wearing her accessories as well.

The two appear determined to continue working with each other, and with Derek Hough’s love for brooches, it’s likely that Lam’s creations will be showcased in his future appearances on DWTS.

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