Cam Newton Claps Back At Shannon Sharpe

Cam Newton Claps Back At Shannon Sharpe
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Cam Newton is a quarterback who has struggled over the past few years. Although Newton led the Carolina Panthers to a Super Bowl a few years ago, he has dealt with injuries ever since. Moreover, his accuracy has been non-existent, and the teams he has played for have reduced him to a running back. Based on his last stints in New England and Carolina, it is pretty clear he cannot play NFL football anymore. Sure, it’s a hard pill to swallow, but the National Football League can be like that sometimes.

Now, however, Newton is trying to make a comeback in the league. He recently said that there aren’t 32 quarterbacks in the league that are better than him. Additionally, he will be at Auburn Pro Day where he will get to showcase his talents. On Undisputed yesterday, Shannon Sharpe laced into Newton and hit him with a dose of reality. In the clip down below, Sharpe explains how Newton is now a “random” in the league and that the NFL does not view him favorably. Simply put, Newton cannot start for an NFL franchise.

Cam Newton Speaks

Newton saw this clip and immediately went into the comments section where he offered up a response. Of course, Newton made sure to use those special characters that always seem to adorn his social media posts. “₽ØÎÑT TÄK£Ñ,” Newton began. “Añd Î ám ñøt dēñÿīñg šømē fáčtš thát ÿøū bøūght ūp ÜÑK. ßÜT ÎF ¥ØÜ GÎV£ M£ Ä fūłł ØFF§£Ä§ØÑ TØ Ł£ÄRÑ whát Î ám šūppøšēd tø dø wīth á §TÄߣ£ FRÄÑČHΧ£. Î prømīšē ¥ØÜ, Î wīłł ₽RØV£ thát Îm ÑØ RÄÑDØM šīr.” It’s certainly a nice sentiment, but it doesn’t mean Newton will actually prove to be successful.

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Sports can be a pretty brutal industry. The NFL especially is known for chewing players up and spitting them out. Some guys have short windows for success, while others are able to be prosperous for long periods of time. Overall, the randomness of it all can feel unfair, and that seems to be the sentiment in Newton’s camp. Let us know whether or not you think Newton can come back, in the comments below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from the sports world.