Which DStv Channels will Show the 2023/2024 UEFA Champions League?

Which DStv Channels will Show the 2023/2024 UEFA Champions League?

The group stages of the famous UEFA Champions League (UCL) will be back in September. Playoffs are ongoing already as fourth-placed teams look to book a place in the group stages.

As the custom is for DStv, all Champions League games will be aired live on selected SuperSport channels. This article contains the TV programming details on all the Champions League matches, including exact times and the DStv channels that will show the matches.

The UEFA Champions League channels on DStv are SuperSport Grandstand (201), SuperSport Premier League (203), Supersport PSL (202), SuperSport Variety 1 (206) & 2 (207), and SuperSport LaLiga (204). Other sports channels will only be able to show repeats and highlights.

The packages that will show the Champions League include DStv Premium, Compact Plus, and Compact. You can also watch it on DStv Family but you will only be getting one match per week.

As usual, most of the matches will be played from around 7:45 PM (WAT/GMT +1) which is also 8:45 PM (CAT/SAST) in the evening.

Enjoy this excellent performance from the magnificent The Cellos.

2023/24 UEFA Champions League Matches on DStv and the Channels showing them

While we wait for the group stages of the UCL to begin. We have the UEFA Super Cup to keep us company.

The UEFA Super Cup is an annual meeting between the UEFA Champions League winners and the UEFA Europa League winner.

This means that this Years UEFA Super Cup finalists are Manchester City and Sevilla. Find DStv match details below.

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UEFA Super Cup: 16 August 2023

UEFA Super Cup TV schedule on DStv.

Repeats for the fixture above will begin at 23:00 WAT (that is, GMT+1) and 00:00 CAT (GMT +2). (N/B: CAT is also the same as SAST.)

SuperSport channels showing the Champions League today

Now that you know the SuperSport football channels that will be showing the UCL on DStv, finding them shouldn’t be a problem. Here are their numbers on DStv.

UCL on DStv Now and Showmax

If you are not at home, you can stream Champions League matches on DStv Now or on Showmax Pro.

For those using DStv Now, you need to subscribe to either Premium, Compact Plus, or Compact to see live UCL matches. DStv Now is available on the web and as a mobile app.

Showmax Pro gives you access to the SuperSport channels that will be showing live matches. Sign in to the Showmax Pro platform anytime to start streaming.

2023/24 UEFA Champions League on GOtv

GOtv will also air the UEFA champions league on the biggest package in each country.

To watch live UCL games, find the biggest package in your location and subscribe to it. Outside that, you’ll have a hard time finding a GOtv package that’ll show live UCL games.

Please, get in touch with us or confirm with a GOtv customer care agent in your location before making payment.

Since reactivation can sometimes take up to 12 hours, do well to subscribe 24 hours before time so you don’t miss the live events.