Ed Sheeran reveals the dark meaning behind his album track 'Salt Water'

Ed Sheeran reveals the dark meaning behind his album track 'Salt Water'
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The album is out next month

Ed Sheeran is just a few weeks away from releasing his sixth album ‘Subtract’, along with the Disney+ documentary just two days before the album.

As the excitement for the album hots up, Ed has been performing some of his new songs on a mini UK and Europe tour. He has also revealed the meaning behind some of his album tracks as part of his Subtract Sundays series on Instagram.

Over the weekend, Ed revealed the dark meaning behind his song ‘Salt Water’, and told his fans: ‘Salt water was written about some of the darkest nights into mornings, and the ‘what ifs’ surrounding those thoughts. It was the second song me and Aaron finished for Subtract and I really feel this and Boat framed what the record was early on.’

Since revealing the dark meaning behind his album track, fans have been leaving messages for the singer. One fan wrote: ‘The snippet sounds very beautiful, but what you’re saying sounds very deep, so i‘m really excited for the full version! 🫶🏼’, with another saying: ‘Oh 🥺 the topic is so dark but the song so beautiful 😭😭💛’.

Camila Cabello, who he collaborated with on ‘Bam Bam’ last year, also wrote: ‘You are amazing’.

What are the lyrics to ‘Salt Water’?

The lyrics to Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Salt Water’ start: ‘I can taste salt water / And if I blink again / You’ll be sinking in / So we’ll learn to swim in the oceans you made / I’ll hold ya and you’ll think of him / And pretty soon you’ll be floating away

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‘And I’ll hold on to the words you spoke of / Anchored down in the throat, love / And I’m captain of this sinking boat now / With just one armband to carry me home

‘When salted tears won’t dry / I’ll wipe my shirtsleeves / Under your eyes / These hearts will be flooded tonight / I’ll wipe my shirtsleeves / Under your eyes / Your eyes, your eyes, your eyes, your eyes, your eyes’.

What is Subtract Sundays?

Every Sunday Ed has been revealing a bit more about the meaning and inspiration behind songs on his new album ‘Subtract’. The first song he featured was his current single ‘Eyes Closed’, followed by ‘Boat’.

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