The Way BLACKPINK Reacted To A Fansite’s Wedding Invitation Shows What Kind Of Relationship They Have

The Way BLACKPINK Reacted To A Fansite’s Wedding Invitation Shows What Kind Of Relationship They Have
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The relationship between a fansite and a group such as BLACKPINK is a special one.

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A K-Pop fansite is an account managed by a super fan of a certain singer or group. They follow them around to take photos and videos, uploading their shots online. The biggest ones even become friends with the artists they love thanks to how often they see each other.


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This was evident when Jisoo and Rosé saw one of their most loyal fansites, FirstLove (@firstlove_rose), in person. Though she primarily focuses on Rosé-related content, the other members know her as well.

On July 2, the fansite master approached the duo at Incheon Airport right before their flight to London. They paused in their tracks when FirstLove held out a formal-looking envelope to them.

Jisoo and Rosé could sense right away that it was a wedding invitation. The former let out a gasp and covered her mouth in surprise while the latter grabbed the paper in disbelief.

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Their close friendship was evident by the reaction of the singers. Jisoo asked, “You’re lying, are you really getting married?” Rosé even called the fansite master “unnie,” the term that a younger girl uses to refer to a close female friend who is older.

Unnie, you’re getting married?!

— Rosé

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As if to bring home the point that they truly are friends, it turned out that the wedding invitation was fake! BLACKPINK was presented with the words “Just kidding” when they opened the envelope.

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Jisoo and Rosé couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that they fell victim to the harmless prank.

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FirstLove is a Rosé fansite that has over 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, 77,000 followers on Instagram, and a whopping 222,000 followers on Twitter. She has followed the BLACKPINK main vocalist ever since her debut in 2016.

The idol, on her end, has always greeted FirstLove and her other fansites with genuine happiness whenever they cross paths.

can we all look at how excited she was to see her fansite, firstlove at the online fansign,, rosé best girl <33 #ROSÉ #로제

— rosé!!! (@roseysoIoist) July 24, 2020

rosé’s reaction when she saw her fansite (firstlove) during the send off pls she really has such a genuine friendship with her fansites 🥺🤍

— kean 🧇 (@97SR0SlE) November 21, 2022