New York’s Hottest Club Is a Steamy Ayahuasca Retreat

It’s no secret Aaron Rodgers has had a lot of extra time on his hands lately. A bit too much time, perhaps? He’s been seen frequently on the sidelines and in the luxury suites of New York Jets games this season, everywhere but on the field. Don’t worry though, he still has plenty of time to make his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, where one thing becomes very clear.

At the end of the day, the guy really just wants to play football, but unfortunately, Father Time told Rodgers to take a little time out. Since moving to the business mecca of the world, Rodgers is looking to take his marketing savvy to the stratosphere after taking a pay cut this year. In other words, Rodgers wants to be more a little more productive during his downtime.

In an effort to bolster his retirement portfolio, Aaron Rodgers is launching a brand new speakeasy-style nightclub known as Trippindales. The Grand Opening for the first Trippindales location in New York City is expected to occur sometime in the Spring of 2024. Rodgers plans on franchising the ayahuasca retreat brand to take his visions nationwide.

Beings from any dimension, galaxy, or universe are welcome to gather at Trippindales for some adult-themed entertainment complemented by a gourmet menu of exotic hallucinogens from across the multiverse. Even Rick and Morty are expected to stop by for the epic Grand Opening.

Granted, this trip is a little bit different than the journey Jets fans were expecting to experience throughout the 2023 NFL season. Their season was over after only four offensive snaps, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay grounded in reality. Rodgers wants to help them lift their spirits after being blindsided by heartbreak.

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On September 11th, it was the silence heard around the world as all eyeballs watched Grandpa Rodgers falling to the ground after a viciously calculated attack. Rodgers laid helplessly in ruins, defeated by the evil turf of JetLife stadium.

Sadly, this moment proved to be the Achilles heel of the season for the Jets. This day will live on in infamy for Jets fans all over the world. Hell, even casual football fans will never forget where they were on 9/11 while witnessing the collapse of tower No. 8.

As is usually the case, Rodgers remains optimistic. After all, a true battle-tested warrior never lets a petty heel injury stop them from positive manifestation. Rodgers even has his eye on an early return to the battlefield this season thanks to an experimental SpeedBridge procedure.

The only problem with that mentality is the Jets would actually have to make the playoffs for Rodgers to make a meaningful return to the field this season. Perhaps Rodgers is mixing his ayahuasca a little too strong because the 2023 Jets are currently sitting at 2-3.

Playoffs? You kidding me? Mr. Rodgers, you play in the same neighborhood as the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills. You and the rest of your fleet of single-engine Cessnas should just worry about getting to .500 for now. Don’t talk about playoffs.

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