Would Selena Gomez’s cooking show survive Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare wrath?

Would Selena Gomez’s cooking show survive Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare wrath?
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Kitchen Nightmares is the show that gives Gordon Ramsay a chance to criticize kitchens that aren’t up to standard. Would Selena Gomez’s home kitchen for Selena +Chef pass his test?

With a higher Instagram following than celebs like Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner, and even Taylor Swift, it’s obvious that Selena Gomez is doing something right in her career. The beloved actress and singer has come a long way since her Disney Channel days by starring in movies and TV shows that are far more mature.

She gave fans a glimpse into what her personality is really like with her fabulously fun cooking show. It premiered in 2020, and pulled in loads of viewership. So far, there have been four seasons and they’re available for streaming on Max.

Selena + Chef is all about her novice experience in the kitchen as learns tips and tricks from professional chefs and takes on new recipes. Would Selena + Chef get the seal of approval from Gordon Ramsay based on his super harsh Kitchen Nightmares critiques?

Selena + Chef would definitely survive Kitchen Nightmares

It’s safe to say Selena + Chef would survive an episode of Kitchen Nightmares. Given that Gordon already guest starred on Season 4 of her show, any intense clashes between Selena and Gordon would have made major headlines by now.

His time on her show turned out to be a hilarious success! There were several funny and lighthearted moments scattered throughout the episode. Even though Selena made a handful of mistakes along the way, Gordon never yelled at her or raised his voice.

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At one point, she accidentally burned some of the food. She was cooking at the bottom of a pan. He still helped her figure out what to do next with a gentle and patient tone.

Gordon dropped thoughtful gems throughout the episode including some solid advice for aspiring chefs who are currently reaching for the stars. He said, “Come out of your comfort zone. Don’t be comfortable!”

Since Selena films her cooking show inside her own personal kitchen at home, there isn’t any visible muck, dirt, or grime for Gordon to find himself disgusted by. Selena’s kitchen is incredibly pristine with clean counters, washed dishes, and fresh food that isn’t anywhere near expiration.