Harry Styles’ Grapejuice lyrics and subtle 1982 meaning uncovered by fans

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Grapejuice is one of Harry Styles’ new tracks from his third studio album Harry’s House and many fans have uncovered the lyrics’ meaning.

The 28-year-old musician dropped his much-anticipated new album after he debuted the hit single As It Was and gave a snippet of other tracks at 2022 Coachella.

The lyrics of Grapejuice has sent fans into frenzy and many of them want to learn the track’s meaning and the reference of the year 1982. Here’s what we found.

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Grapejuice lyrics explored

Harry’s new track Grapejuice has melancholic tunes and leaves us dreaming of a peaceful time to enjoy with a romantic partner and good bottle of wine.

The single hints at the musician’s desire to escape the hustle and bustle of the daily life and spend the day with his lover and “a bottle of rouge” (red wine).

The first verse goes as the following:

Yesterday, it finally came, a sunny afternoonI was on my way to buy some flowers for you (Ooh)Thought that we could hide away in a corner of the heathThere’s never been someone who’s so perfect for meBut I got over it and I said“Give me something old and red”

The chorus of the single then goes as the following:

There’s just no getting throughWithout youA bottle of rougeJust me and you1982Just me and youThere’s just no getting throughThe grape juice blues

Fans uncover the track’s meaning

Many people were left wondering about the year 1982 in the single as many would know that every reference has some kind of meaning.

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According to fans, the year must refer to the wine’s year of age.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure grape juice is about some fancy 1982 red wine,” tweeted one user.

Another one chimed in: “To be honest I think Grapejuice is just a wine reference, 1982 vintage anyone? Harry’s defo in his 80s era maybe it’s a musical reference.”

Someone else added: “Grapejuice sounds like something harry wrote during their trip to Italy where they just spent days under the summer sun, sipping wine, buying flowers for each other and driving around in Harry’s 1982 car.”

Meanwhile, another fan has a wild theory behind the year 1982 and commented: “Seen everyone talk about how in grape juice the numbers equal 28 and he says me and you 1982 well 1982 +28= 2010 which is the year one direction started why aren’t we talking about this.”

This definitely makes a lot of sense.

Meanwhile, American company Welch’s uncovered this 2011 Twitter post from Harry who tweeted: “Somebody drank my Grape Juice.”

Every musician finds their muse in different places but we have to agree that fruits are vital part of Harry’s source of inspiration for his music.

Harry’s House

Harry Styles announced the album’s release on his Instagram with a series of photos of himself in the recording studio with the caption: “Harry’s House. Out Now.”

His second studio album features 13 tracks, including As It Was, and other tracks like Matilda, Little Freak and Satellite.

Earlier this week, Harry addressed the meaning behind Cinema after fans found clues that it is about his romance with actress Olivia Wilde.

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Harry’s House was released on all major streaming platforms on Friday, May 20th.

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