Greg Jennings talks Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers in Reddit AMA

Greg Jennings talks Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers in Reddit AMA
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Reddit AMAs — Ask Me Anythings — are a way for personalities to engage with their fans, but often bring tough questions to the forefront as the open forum relies on upvotes and downvotes to rank the order of comments that appear on the page. That’s why it was notable that former Green Bay Packers receiver Greg Jennings, who has had a complicated history with the fanbase, chose to participate in an AMA on the Packers subreddit /r/GreenBayPackers on Wednesday.

Jennings, who signed with the rival Minnesota Vikings following his second contract in Green Bay, now works in sports media and has gained traction as a talking head who talks down about his former quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his former team the Packers — who he once said brainwashes their players. At least that’s the story. Jennings, though a series of questions and answers, claims that he does as much praise about Green Bay as he spouts criticism, but that the compliments don’t get the attention that the negativity does.


Hi Greg, do you truly not like Aaron or is it all for hot takes on tv?

I absolutely love Aaron and have always spoken honestly in the meeting rooms at dinner tables and my commentary has never been to personally attack him due to being disgruntled. I believe because of the way I left and what I said as I departed paints the picture of everything I say with a dark cloud. And to be honest, my network or any other platform for that matter, never posts the complementary things I say because it doesn;t create the buzz


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Hi Greg, why do you use every opportunity you can to take jabs at Aaron Rodgers and the Packers?

I really don’t. It just appears that way because no one ever pose or share. The complementary takes that I have because that’s not exciting. What’s exciting is oh there’s Greg saying something again that goes against the grain when it’s really just truth and it’s not pointed or personal it’s just analysis. Also, I think it’s because I don’t show any bias. It’s just it’s a part of the job I truly try to paint a picture of what needs to be shared and what my thoughts are given the situation. Now you got understand anything that happens revolving around Green Bay or Aaron they’re gonna pick up the phone and say hey Greg can you can you come on this or can you talk about this so it always appears that I’m always talking about the Packers because let’s be honest that’s the way the media sets it up. They have a Steelers guy they have a patriots guy they have cowboys representation and they have packers representation. These are teams that are widely known and fan bases are everywhere and they know they’re gonna constantly be in the media because of the franchises popularity and history, or the quarterback and the relationship of the player to that team.

I hope this answered the question And forgive all my grammar errors

Are Packers fans going to buy that? Who knows, but I’m sure we can all acknowledge there’s probably at least some level of truth to what Jennings is saying in the two responses above.

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Jennings would also go on to answer questions about him leaving for the Vikings, his standing with the Packers fan base and if he has regrets about how everything panned out.


What exactly happened when you left for the Vikings? The official story seems to be that you felt insulted by the Packers offer and were expecting to get much more money, but then those offers never came so you signed with the Vikings for much less.

Do you regret not signing the Packers offer?

This is basically what it boils down too. I wanted to stay, I made it known to everyone but that wasn’t in the plans for me. Hindsight, from a pure football perspective of course continuing to play with Aaron would have been amazing but I don’t regret moving on because Minnesota has provided my family with a great deal of opportunity. I hope I answered your question. Not trying to dodge it


Hi Greg. What’s it like to have played for an organization as iconic as the Packers and having great success while there, to then be disliked by a large portion of the fan base due to your words and actions after leaving the team? Do you wish you would have handled things differently?

It was amazing playing for the Packers. It was difficult going through the entire process feeling as though all i had done wasn’t enough to remain a Packer. I’ve said often that I completely mishandled the situation. Even if I knew it to be my truth, that was not the way I should’ve handled it.

I’m a people person, so I’d be lying if i said it doesn’t hurt to be fully embraced. All I can do now is move forward with no malice toward any personnel, player, and fan

It seems like Jennings genuinely wants to make amends with Packers fans and doesn’t like how he’s being perceived based on his most viral moments as an analyst. Jennings was recently inducted into Green Bay’s hall of fame, which seems as good of a time as ever to start off with a clean slate.

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