Quiz: 45 Stylin’ Harry Styles Trivia Questions

Quiz: 45 Stylin’ Harry Styles Trivia Questions
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Ready to dive into the “Watermelon Sugar” high of Harry Styles trivia? Let’s see if you adore these questions and emerge a “Golden” Harry Styles fan! Are you ready to “Kiwi” the competition and become the ultimate Harry Styles trivia master? Let’s begin!

1. What was Harry Styles’ debut single as a solo artist? 2. What year did Harry Styles first appear on The X Factor? 3. How many tattoos does Harry Styles have, approximately? 4. In which Christopher Nolan movie did Harry make his acting debut? 5. What’s the name of Harry’s debut studio album?

6. Which famous musician did Harry Styles dress up as for Halloween in 2018?

7. What is the name of the band Harry formed with school friends before One Direction?

8. Which popular American TV show did Harry guest host in 2019?

9. What was the most expensive outfit Harry wore to the Met Gala in 2019?

10. Which award did Harry win at the 2021 Grammy Awards?

11. Which iconic musician’s song did Harry cover in 2020 for BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge?

12. What is the name of Harry’s record label?

13. In which English county did Harry Styles grow up?

14. Which magazine did Harry become the first man to appear solo on the cover of?

15. What is Harry’s middle name?

16. Which Rolling Stones song did Harry cover during his first solo tour?

17. In what year did Harry officially start his solo career?

18. Who was Harry’s celebrity crush during his early days in One Direction?

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19. What is Harry’s favorite animal?

20. Which famous artist’s painting did Harry reportedly purchase for over $1 million?

21. Which famous actor did Harry beat out for the role in Dunkirk?

22. What is the name of Harry’s 2020 album?

23. In which Marvel superhero movie was Harry confirmed to have a role?

24. What was the name of the venue where Harry had his first solo concert?

25. Which famous musician did Harry co-write the song “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart” for?

26. What is the name of Harry’s documentary that was released in 2017?

27. Which famous British TV presenter did Harry date in 2011?

28. How many tracks are there on Harry’s debut studio album?

29. In which music video did Harry fly using wires?

30. What song did Harry Styles perform with Stevie Nicks at the 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony?

31. What is the name of Harry’s sister?

32. What fruit did a fan throw on stage during a concert, causing Harry to slip?

33. What record did Harry break with his music video for “Adore You”?

34. What is Harry’s zodiac star sign?

35. Which designer created Harry’s iconic sheer blouse and pearl earring look for the 2019 Met Gala?

36. What was the name of Harry’s first solo tour?

37. What Beatles song did Harry perform during his 2018 tour?

38. What is the full name of Harry’s character in Dunkirk?

39. Which song from Harry’s album “Fine Line” features a choir from a fictional island?

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40. What is Harry’s favorite type of tea?

41. Which famous British actor did Harry impersonate on Saturday Night Live?

42. What was the name of the fictional island featured in the “Adore You” music video?

43. How many Brit Awards has Harry won as a solo artist?

44. What song did Harry perform at the 2021 Grammy Awards?

45. What iconic venue did Harry perform at during his first solo tour?

That’s a wrap on our Harry Styles trivia! We hope you had a “Fine Line” of a time discovering more fascinating facts about our beloved Harry. “Treat People With Kindness” and share your love for Harry with your friends by sending them this quiz, and don’t forget to check out Trivia Bliss’s other quizzes to keep your knowledge and your trivia skills “Two Ghosts” ahead of the competition.