WATCH: Katy Perry's three-year-old daughter makes her first public appearance

Three years after giving birth, Katy Perry has finally shown her daughter to the world.

Katy and Orlando Bloom’s daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom, was in the crowd at the final show of her Las Vegas residency at the weekend and Katy called out to her as she prepared to sing her 2008 hit single Hot n Cold.

“Daisy, I love you so much,” she said as her blonde-haired daughter waved back at her.

Daisy, dressed in a red-and-white polka dot Minnie Mouse costume, smiled at her mom and the crowd ooh-ed and aah-ed at her reaction.

Fans also captured footage of the moment, which was later shared on X (formerly known as Twitter).

“You’re my best friend and I’m so glad you’re here. I’m going to sing this next song – I think you know it. It was in 2008 and Mommy was a little wild back then,” Katy continued.

Later in the show, the singer took a moment to thank her fiancé for the life they’ve built.

“To my partner, Orlando, for being an incredible support system and an amazing father, I love you.”

Katy started her residency as an ode to her daughter in 2021 and it ran for nearly two years.

“I created this show after the birth of my daughter, Daisy Dove. When I met her, it was like all the love I was ever searching for finally showed up,” she said in a previous interview.

“She made me whole, and she healed me, and she showed me how to play again. This show is for everyone’s inner child and the hope that if we could all see life through the eyes of a child, we would be free.”

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Orlando and Katy met in 2016 and got engaged in 2019. She announced her pregnancy to the world by showing off her baby bump in her Never Worn White music video in May 2020. Daisy was born a few months later in August.

“I am just so blessed to be a mom. The experience has been eye-opening. You just never thought there was that capacity for love,” Katy told Good Morning America at the time.

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The past three years were filled with lots of fun, but motherhood also brought many challenges and some lessons.

“I always felt I wasn’t good enough and there’s this desire to prove (something) and that is gas. After 30, the gas starts to burn and you have to get out of this burning car alive,” Katy told the New Zealand Herald.

Becoming a mother also gave her a newfound respect for her own mother, Mary Perry, she said.

“I’ve grown so much and have even more respect for her after becoming a mother. I never really truly knew about unconditional love. My mother has that for me, but I didn’t experience it in the first person until I had my child.”

The pop star’s priorities may have shifted since giving birth to Daisy Dove, but she’s still writing music.

“I haven’t put any new material out since my darling Daisy. I think that I’m writing a lot and have written a lot from a place of love because I’m feeling so much of it – so much unconditional love, that love you never knew existed,” she told Variety.

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“But what’s important to me is celebrating the world that I’ve got to build with all these wonderful songs and being responsible for the life of a three-year-old. I will be back but let me get this right.”

As much as she loves her daughter, Katy says she’s never had any maternal instincts.

“That probably stems from some childhood stuff,” she told Vanity Fair.

But her mindset shifted after seeing her fiancé with his firstborn son, Flynn, whom he shares with ex-wife model Miranda Kerr.

“I got to see what a great dad he was with his first child. Something inside of me said, ‘You’re mid-30s, this man is nice, must breed.’”

Now she can’t imagine a life without her little one.

“My definition of success is her happiness which gives me joy,” she says. “My daughter has reshaped my life and my perspective. She’s given me a love I’ve never had before.”